It’s a small world after all

Now those of you that have been around for a while know my maiden (as in pre-marriage; back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) name is Hixson. Did you also know Wisconsin has an Assembly member with the same name?

He’s got a press release out that caught my eye today. I can’t say our politics align, but I’d bet we’re related.

A bio shows Mr. Kim Hixson with a degree from Chattanooga, Tennessee universities. There’s actually a suburb of Chattanooga called Hixson. I have pictures of my family on the porch of the old place. I’d venture a guess that with a little help from the Hixon-Hixson of Tennessee genealogy book and a few names from Kim, we’d find that we’re about 4th cousins or so. Kim, if you find this and you’re curious, my great grandfather was a son of Samuel, the Hamilton schools superintendent. Someone once told me we were kind of a lost branch to you guys that stayed around Tennessee. Funny we both ended up in Wisconsin.

To add a bit to the small world story was my surprise when reading Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker’s campaign finance reports. A couple of his more affluent contributors from CBL (Brookfield Square) live on Hixson Pikeway. I will mention these guys are less affluent now that CBL’s stock dumped from a high of $49 to around $5 or $6 a share.

Just because I can (but this is actually a lot of fun to watch!):