I’m getting a Mosque for Christmas?

Lucky me!

Today word came that a mosque will be built at 3675 N. Calhoun in Brookfield, right next to the current Sikh temple. The common theory is that approval will never see the Common Council for a vote, it will stay with the Mayor’s cronies at the Plan Commission. (One account has the decision already passed, but I couldn’t find evidence in the minutes.)

I don’t care that a mosque is going in a couple of blocks from my house. I do care that Mayor Jeff Speaker is hiding the fact that he’s once again stuffing 10 pounds of flour in a 5 pound sack. How many religious gathering places are supposed to go on one site, anyway? When did he plan on letting the rest of us in on it?

There’s a history of Sikhs and Muslims not exactly getting along. I’m glad they can set that aside and be neighbors. Perhaps the rest of Brookfield would like to share in such ecumenical joy, however. I wish Brookfield’s elected didn’t keep secrets from their constituents.

I’ve requested documents. If the city acts in their usual shady way, it will be a while before I get them. I’ll let you know when they come through.

Update – looking at the map from the county Web site, maybe the Muslim community is buying the Sikh facility? Maybe the Sikh temple is expanding? The address is actually the large building, not the small farmhouse that’s in the mysterious letter from Dan Ertl to the historical society. It could be that only one religious facility will be at the address.

I do wish the city would share their information.

Update 2 – narrowed it down to an expansion of the Sikh temple. I am so glad there’s only one group that will be on the site. I have to make an appointment and go into city hall if I want any more information.


  1. “the mysterious letter from Dan Ertl to the historical society. ”


  2. It’s an elusive thing I heard about this morning from one source, but Ertl says doesn’t exist in an e-mail this afternoon. That makes it mysterious to me!