The almost, not quite, Time Warner All-In-One purchase

I almost did it today. I called; I could live with the price; I am willing to give up the second phone line that’s little more than a security blanket. I was ready to close the deal, and then the salesman mentioned the $7.95 per tv per month for digital converter boxes.

I balked.

It’s not like we live in the dark ages. I have a tv that can tune a gazillion channels. Why do I need an extra piece of equipment from Time Warner?

Because I do, the salesman said.


So, no digital cable for me. No 200 channels to occupy my winter. No nationwide free long distance. I just couldn’t do it.

Maybe in January…


  1. I had a surprisingly pleasant run-in with TWC today. After they raised my rates, I called and complained and got my rate reduced LOWER than what I was paying before…

  2. That’s a nice switch…I disconnected my service when I moved, asked to pay any lingering fees at time of disconnection. For several months following, I kept receiving bills for $.01—yep, just a flippin’ penny. I called several times to rectify it, they kept telling me it had been. I finally said, let the collectors come after me to nab their copper!

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    If you want you can have just one TV on digital, pay that fee, and keep the other TVs analog (regular cable). This is what I do as I ease into the 21st century.

  4. All cable and satellite is already 100% digital, NOT analog at all. If you have cable ready TVs, I don’t see why you would need ANY boxes at all. I think there was some miscommunication there. I had TW before I switched to satellite and didn’t have any boxes in the house at all. If you look on the website they will tell you that if you have cable or satellite you don’t need to do anything for the coming switch. If you don’t have either of these, you will need a set top box (STB) and antenna connection to it for every non-digital (older than 2007) that you want to use. If you get boxes, be sure you get ones with VHF pass-thru because channel 10 will remain VHF since it is a low-power station. You can buy amplified Phillips antennas on eBay for $20-25. has Tivax STB-T8 boxes that are about $25 for two after the $80 coupons.

  5. No, I don’t need it for the switch, but I thought about getting the bigger package for more channels, and they call that “digital” cable.

    It is confusing.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Apparently it is different where you live. Comcast still sends an analog signal here in Va and you need one of their boxes for digital regardless of your TV.

  7. You should have known Randy, no one comes between un gato y his cable boxes.

  8. Grant, I believe that both T-W and Charter in this area are hybrid analog / digital systems. ATT’s U-Verse is pure digital, of course.

    For that matter, Charter carries analog as well as unencrypted QAM digital channels that can be viewed without a converter box on newer QAM / digital-cable-ready TVs and tuners, as well as their proprietary digital channels that require their box or a CableCard.