Twitterpated? Ask Damiano

He’s clocking in at #3 for the most followed character in the U.K. At #1 and 2 are Stephen Fry and John Cleese.

The U.S. has Barack Obama, Kevin Rose, and CNN Breaking News in the top three spots.

Read more. (And if you’d like, you can add Damiano to your list.)


  1. I don’t understand Twitter. I’ve never even been to the main Twitter website. From what I can tell it’s a web 2.0 thing that’s a little bit like blogging and a little bit like a cult. If I get into it, do I have to try to sell things to strangers at the airport?

  2. Only if you promise to wear the right colored sheet, Darrell.

    I confess I don’t use it much either. I pretty much live at Housewife 0.5 around here.