Brookfield’s proposed Sikh Temple (Update)

To think I’ve traveled half way around the world to photograph architecture like this! It will soon be two blocks away.

The drawings are quite good. The exterior is to be imported Indian marble.

Update December 19th – I received this e-mail from city hall:

I thought you may be interested to know that I received a message this morning from Keller Architects that the Sikh Religious Society will not be submitting plans for the February 9, 2009 Plan Commission. The church members are trying to secure financing before proceeding further.


  1. Convenient if you need a ride to the airport…

  2. Ok, Craig, I’m in the middle of putting oatmeal raisin cookies on a cooling rack when I start laughing out loud. It took me a while, but I got it.

  3. Lest anyone fear I’m acting improperly, I’ll clarify that a number of the members do indeed drive cabs.

    I’ll make it clear, they are good neighbors.

    I found a site with a number of Sikh beliefs. Many of them will sound familiar to Christians.

  4. It looks beautiful, but it still doesn’t rival this:

    It’s in Wilmette, Illinois (a Baha’i temple) and you can’t appreciate it until you’ve seen it in person.

    I met the architect who led the recent refurbishment who showed me a lot of the secrets of the building. (Sorry for post-jacking)

  5. It is lovely, Lorax, and very Persian-looking.

  6. I particularly like the asymmetry of the facade that still manages to look balanced.

  7. Colleen Dawson says:

    Is the building currently housing the Sikh temple going to be torn down? It used to be Christian Liberty Academy and I went to school there all during the 1970s. I have so many happy memories of that place, I’d hate to see it razed.

  8. Nope. The drawings showed it staying.