Planning ahead

I lifted this morning, so I’m lucky to have the muscle coordination to type this. Today’s to dos:

*Bake cookies (well, someone has to)
*Go to city hall (I’ve been told the Sikh Temple plans for my neighborhood are pretty interesting. Here are a few temples to give you an idea of the domes, etc. I expect. If the city will let me, I’ll snap a photo and post it.)
*Find calculator batteries (TI-84, somehow I think this one could be more difficult than I like.)
*Pack (Yippee!)

It’s hit or miss from here until the 18th of January. Tomorrow is a quick trip to Anna Maria Island where the weather is forecast to be 75 degrees and sunny. The next week is the Christmas whoopee, then I leave for the West Indies on the 7th of January. I will have internet for most all of it, but I’m feeling a little like I’ve run out of things to say. I suspect one or two of those regular readers out there will sigh in relief.

Comments will stay open, and hopefully everyone will behave. You’re welcome to use this post to say what’s on your mind.

Sun and sand are on mine. I’m ready for plenty of both.


  1. Tomorrow you may spot that second home that you mentioned. I spoke with a man from that area last month. He said housing prices have fallen by 75%. The taxes are still at the 200,ooo rate, but you can get the house for 50,000. Caveat: he said you have to want the house for yourself, because no one is renting these days either.

  2. Anna Maria Island… awesome! We did a day trip from Tampa to Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, and Siesta Key about a week and a half ago. Flying from Milwaukee to Tampa tomorrow morning and I can’t wait! We’ve got a little road trip to South Beach planned for this weekend!

  3. If you’re flying Midwest at 7:20 am – we’re on the same flight. Be sure to say hello.

  4. If the TI-84 is like it used to be you need 4 AAAs and a watch battery. Head to pick n slave for both.

  5. Exit Row Aisle, bright and early! Used miles, but still hoping to be pushed up to the big seats!

  6. Dream on! With any luck I’ll be in those 🙂

    Exit row for us as it stands, but we’ve stashed some upgrade coupons.

    What’s his name will be stumbling into the office soon. You can wrestle him for the upgrades if you’d like.

  7. Dan, so I found out! I had made a trip to OfficeMax anyway because I ordered the wrong type memory card with my new pocket camera, so I’m covered.