The post Christmas post

Well, it’s done.

My favorite gifts received? I kind of like them all, but the youngest surprised me. She took a hint from her mom and offered up a few of next year’s book club selections – by shopping at Half Price Books. I do love it with the critters pick up some of my better qualities. 🙂 The spouse did the same by shipping in a signed Salman Rushdie The Enchantress of Florence. (I have a signed book collection that I’m rather fond of and this one is on next year’s list, too.)

The necklaces I made went over even better than I expected. The hand knotted blue looked great on my sister-in-law with her dark eyes. The younger ladies enjoyed their tiny bead chokers. It’s fun to be making gifts for Christmas again.

The only down side to this year has been the rotten cold that’s being passed through the family. The kids are so run down from finals that they catch almost anything. And they did.

May it be easy to separate your gifts from your wrapping paper today. I hope Santa left an elf behind to handle the extra dishes.


  1. We exchanged gifts and had a $25 limit, but the funniest thing was that I drew my son-in-law’s name and got him a $25 WalMart gift card.

    When it came time to get my gift, I got a $25 WalMart gift card, from my son-in-law!

    Yeah, we’re big spenders and creative givers. 🙂

  2. A belated Merry Christmas to you! I don’t know why I thought you were traveling now. I, too, make some homemade gifts and like those the best.

    We also had sick family, and heard of friends with the same issue.

    On to the next holiday! Where did the year go?

  3. It’s family time, then I head to the West Indies in a couple of weeks.

    Where did the year go, indeed. Maybe that should take up a week’s worth of posts.