A post Christmas post – the I-can’t-believe-all-that-fit-into-the-van edition

The van’s unpacked and things are being shoved into the proper corners. I’ve run across a couple of more gifts to share.

My favorite food gift was from my sister-in-law – Dove truffles. Dang these are really, really good. If I pace myself at one every other day or so, they should last until, um, Tuesday afternoon. 🙂

My favorite food gift that wasn’t really a gift because we kind of demand it is my uncle’s homemade beef jerky. Oh. My. Goodness.

My favorite gift I gave myself are these little gems.

They were half the price of retailers here with no shipping charge. It is wonderful to be using my iPhone earbuds again – especially since there’s a microphone attachment – and have the darn things stay in my ears!

Lots of laundry on the agenda for today. I have hopes of seeing the floor again by New Year’s Day.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    The City of Madison, Wi. has a great website and the skyline shown is spectacular–except it’s the skyline of Minneapolis, Mn. Here in Richmond the City recently had new City/County markers installed and they looked great–except they were all installed facing the wrong way thus announcing you were entering the city when actually entering the county-you get the picture.
    Ain’t government wonderful.


  2. Randy

    “Ain’t government wonderful.”

    Wonderful is not the word. The state of WI in recent years has wasted about 75 million in failed IT projects. In most successful businesses heads would be rolling by the 1 million dollar mark if not much sooner. Of course with the “unlimited” resources of the taxpayers these failed efforts and contractor billing can go on and on.