I learned something tonight

If I remember what it is tomorrow, I’ll write about it. I need sleep.

There are a few new pictures to the right. I had some fun tonight I’ll let you in on soon. I suspect there’ll be a bit of a blogging flurry tomorrow morning as I’ve let a few things stack up.


  1. What did ou learn, Cindy? That Soylent Green is People?

    It was nice meeting you : )

  2. whoohoo!!! Happy New Year – good health and prosperity in 2009 to all of us!

    What did she learn? She learned that wings at Hooters are really good after all… (nudge in ribs -teasing)

    She Learned that although we’re all republicans that the world didn’t end that a Dem got elected (yet) … only because the GOP didn’t have a candidate… .(another nudge)

    And on a more serious parting shot for 2008 – Cindy Kilkenny should really start planning to run for office for either Sensenboober’s seat or Mary Lazich – either one is bad for Wisconsin. Either you do Cindy it – or I just might!

  3. I don’t live in Lazich’s district, and she’s recently re-elected, so that’s a bust. I’d love Sensenbrenner’s seat, but I’d have to be single to run for that, and I like the perks around here. Plus, Ted Kanavas would likely restart all kind of rumors because he thinks he’s entitled to that seat.

    I get so many hits for a Hooters tater tot recipe that I have decided you will buy me my first tots and I’ll work up a reasonable substitute from that, though. We’ll be in touch when they open.

    Now to the new post about what I learned…

  4. rofl….. deal! you’re on…. have a nice evening… we’re going downtown to the Wisconsin Club …. you have plans?

  5. We had opportunities with friends, but the spouse is still not feeling well after catching the kids’ cold, so we’re in for the night.

    Frankly, it’s my favorite way to spend New Year’s Eve – in my fuzzy slippers.