Measuring the blog’s success

I’m blog ambivalent again. Fairly Conservative is coming up on a one year anniversary. I still think it’s time for change. But what direction?

I figured the better place to start was in measuring this blog’s success. BNN isn’t exactly a fair barometer since that system can be so easily gamed. I want more. So I started looking. This is my favorite so far:

A Framework for Measuring Blog Success

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Click on the little screen towards the bottom for full-screen. Look through it and see what you think. I’ll spend some time on it, too, and by February 1, come up with a final decision.

Let me know if you have any insight. (Especially if it happens to be profound.) šŸ™‚


  1. I don’t have anything profound to say; I used up all my profundity for 2008.

  2. But nothing to say at all? Bummer. I could use some help here.

    Maybe tomorrow?

  3. You should measure your blog’s success on whether or not you’re proud of what you’ve written. If the answer is yes, then FC has been a success.

  4. A blogs success? That’s what you want it to be. BNN is a joke regarding that. Look at what they do. Those who post some of the most irrelevant blogs, example:

    Blog Title

    Actual blog post:



    And then do what seems to be 2000 blogs a day get put in Wisconsin’s Best Blogs. That’s crazy. isn’t it better to have as many blogs as you want, that are of something that is at least partially of interest to you, the blogger, also? Not just a blog to throw up there?

    You seem to do that and therefore, are successful. Plus you have a direct following of people who comment because you are able and willing to chat back with them.

    A new direction? Why not, as long as you don’t lose your old direction along with it. Add a passion of yours once a week that you think is also a passion of readers. But don’t go nuts over it.

    Is it you who may be bored with your blog, or do you believe your readers are bored? Ask that question directly. Are your readers bored with your blog? If they say no…don’t mess with a good thing. If it is you who are bored. Maybe it’s just not the blog. Maybe you need to write on this blog and on someone elses blog when you get the urge. Just a thought.

  5. Of course I’m cool with what I’m writing. Believe it or not, I don’t just sputter forth.

    I am a person that needs external measurements, though. (I would have died with Elmbrook’s new move to not grade the youngsters and slash class rank.)

  6. Are my readers bored or am I bored? That’s a really good question Janet. Thanks.

  7. I think objectively it might be a little bit of both. I think also that since you don’t blog full-time, it is in a sort of limbo mode. From what i’ve seen, the blogs that make it are run by pretty dedicated people. Not that you aren’t.

    I would personally like to see some more essays etc. Sometimes it’s just a lot of quick hits.

  8. In other words – homework. You’re right. I’m not sure I want to go there. I like easy!

  9. Ha! I considered you a full-time blogger. Funny how people perceive things.

  10. You can’t know if you’re a success until you define what a success is to you. More readers? A certain number of readers? Quotes in the press? Speaking invites? You should choose a goal and then work towards it. Otherwise, you will have no measurable ways to determine whether your a “success” or not.

    Personally, I could care less if From Where I Sit is a success. I’m only concerned that I be satisfied with it. And, at the moment, I am. šŸ˜‰

    Happy new year and good luck with that whole success thing. šŸ˜‰

  11. Not to worry. I’m ok with things as they are. Given a little year-end navel gazing, I’ve decided I’ll simply do what I want to do.

    It’s worked so far.

    If anyone keeps reading, it’s their own decision. How I’ll define success is still a little up in the air. Chances are I’ll still be here in a month or so.

  12. “Personally, I could care less if From Where I Sit is a success. Iā€™m only concerned that I be satisfied with it. And, at the moment, I am.”

    I’d have to echo Elliot’s thoughts; I judge the success of BB on whether or not I’m satisfied with what I’ve written, and I am. If what I write draws X number of visitors or Y number of comments, then so be it, but ultimately I blog because I’ve got something to say.

  13. Nah, I’ve always preferred concrete measurement. After all those hits, I still doubt anyone cares I’m saying it – they’re just happy someone is saying it.

    It’s always been my niche in life to say out loud what others will only think. Gets me in an awful lot of trouble sometimes.


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