My year in travel

About December of 2006 I decided to hit the road more often. The goal was to learn. The plan has worked very, very well. 2008 was a stellar year.

Ireland – January – the whole family for a few days. I learned we still like each other. Ireland remains a magical escape.

Ft. Myers – January – with the spouse. We boated beside dolphins to a small island the hotel used and ate Cuban food at a old-fashioned counter kitchen. Fairly Conservative was born there.

Arizona – January – a driving trip from Sun City to Kartchner Caverns. I learned rental car companies really do come through on flat tires. 🙂

Morocco – end of February, first of March – I learned to see again. I know it’s rather trite to proclaim the trip changed my life, but it did. My world will never be the same.

San Francisco – March – Yes, it really gets foggy just like the pictures.

New Braunfels, TX – April – My in-laws are really great. I filled in a little family history.

Asheville, NC – June – A bit over rated, but fun non-the-less. Pleasant art community. Checked the Biltmore off the list.

Grand Rapids, Michigan – August – the high speed ferry is more fun with Dramamine. Some friends are forever.

Austria/Germany – September – My dad’s cool. (Who would have guessed?) Hallstatt is a new favorite place in the world.

Anna Maria Island – December – Paradise at a very reasonable price. I found old Florida again.

Oklahoma – December – You can go home again; you can’t expect it to not have changed a bit.

On the calendar for 2009 are St. Kitts, Chicago, NYC, and 10 days in Tuscany, Italy. So far it’s not as full as 2008, but that will leave room for last minute plans. I’m growing very fond of the 4 days, 3 nights adventures. If gas stays inexpensive, I may hit the highways a little more and explore the American West.

I was so pleased on our recent drive to discover the Flint Hills of Kansas and the flatland of Southern Illinois – and of course the barbecue in Kansas City – that I may need to work more of that into the calendar.

It’s your turn. Any fun travel planned for 2009?


  1. we did a ton of travel in 2008 … all over…. new orleans, washington dc, nyc, door cty almost every other weekend….. other places i don’t remember….

    2009 will include a trip to rome and about 8 other cities in italy …. but nothing else planned for 2009 yet… probably bop back to nyc … only because we usually get good deals on air and hotel… (ask me if you need a hotel rate for nyc for like 225 a nite for 2)…..

    other than that… trying to stay employed for 2009 to recoup on losses in 2008 …. i was going to retire early in 2009 … oh well…

  2. I may take you up on that – I’m currently looking to book an apartment in Brooklyn for our April trip for about the same rate. (A friend is in that neighborhood and makes it fun.) Airfare is always a sweet deal with Midwest miles. Do you have a car pick you up? I’d be interested in finding a reliable company and ditching the cab from the airport to the hotel.

  3. Charlie Miller says:

    what profound well learned lessons

  4. Obama Mama, just how many personalities do you sport? Or is it simply a profound coincidence that you and Charlie share an IP?

  5. I use a cab from the airport to hotel and a car service back from hotel to airport. Fare is about 25 bucks for the car .. .and about 60 bucks for the car. I’d do a cab back to the airport but you can’t get a cab when you want one in NYC.