The Technorati top 100

Because I’m very curious, and frankly because I’m not doing much else, I decided to look at the Technorati Top 100 blogs to see who I want to be like when I grow up.

Actually, it seems like a good idea to see what’s selling out there.

Technorati has been ranking blogs for a while. They do a good job of it. Right now, Fairly Conservative enjoys an “authority” of 57 on their scale. For comparison, a blog like Elliot’s who has been around a few years is at 59. The most revered in the state, Boots and Sabers is at 108. It takes a while to get this ranking up, but this year some good links from Gateway Pundit and a few others on the Anne from Alaska bonanza did a lot to boost that. (Mental note: score one for national politics.)

If I want to measure the blog’s success, Technorati might be one way to do that. If I want to increase the blog’s ranking, I need to increase incoming links from those with authority better than 57. The 100th on the list had an authority of 2,279. The #1 was 27,378. BTW – here’s the link to the actual Technorati list.

That’s easy, and hard. At first, you see, it’s easy, because the local bloggers don’t mind throwing you a bone or two. As soon as you become real competition, it becomes harder. They aren’t as generous. I’d even venture a time or two out there when links are deliberately withheld in our Wisconsin blog-o-love-o-sphere in order not to affect rankings in this or other methods of measurement.

It’s also hard to get the big guys to notice. Sure, one could bounce around a bit like Donkey from Shrek and warble “pick me! pick me!” but you’d better have some darn fine content if you do so. And darn fine content comes more easily when you’re one of the big guys. (You get e-mailed a lot more stuff anonymously, for one thing, that you go out to ferret on your own.) No, my big incoming links have always come from one direction: I received an e-mail that I verified with the author. This means I’m 1) in a click link of the quick-to-forward crowd, and 2) pretty good at internet sleuthing to find the writers. You will note my big moments were not exactly made on my own words, but rather on my own tenacity.

I suppose that’s a clue to what could be useful in growing the blog should I hold on to that direction.

Looking at the Technorati top 100, though, it’s a pretty tough sell out there for political blogs. Most on that list are blogs about blogging or tech. There are a few about tv, film and celebrities. There are a handful that I can only describe as life coaching. (I can pretty much bet I won’t be one of those.) Of course, there are none that manage only local news.

There are only a couple that do a little bit of everything – where I could easily drift – or mommyville. Mommyblogging is popular among the writers, but less adored by readers. The successful members of either category are blatantly irreverent. It’s yet to be measured if the family suffers, as the current goddess of mommyblogging does not have a child old enough to read. But then I think, Erma Bombeck’s children lived through it…

Trust me, I can do irreverent, and it looks like it sells, but is that how I want my persona established? While a couple of posts a day might bite for the purpose of making a success, I really don’t think of myself as flippant.

It’s a bit of a blogging dilemma.

Look at the list if you’re interested in this topic and let me know what you glean. I am ready to make improvements, but I’m not sure I want to sell my soul. I do think I’ll need a broad palette from which to work if I want to stay interested. To be honest, my favorite stuff to write about is the every day thrills and spills of home and housewifery. What’s on sale. Where I’m flying to next. What’s for dinner. I’m just not sure anyone will care.

I guess I’ll need to answer one that’s not on that list of 69 questions: just why do I blog?


  1. Okay, i’ll give some serious thought to this.

    As an aside, Both Huffington Post and Dailykos make the top ten, and they are pols. Anything’s possible.

    As you may know, I am a big fan of Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic’s The Dish. You can find that blog here:

    This is what draws me to Sullivan: he’s a synthesizer. He synthesizes cultural, political, social, economic theories by others and at-large. When I requested “more essays” I think what I meant was commentary. I don’t agree with a lot of his stuff, he is a conservative after all. Being a fairly liberal lorax, I still value his hard work.

    The Wisconsin Blogosphere is not as developed as other states, but that gives you the opportunity to bust out.

    And when are we going to hear about the new School Board candidate?

    EDIT: I think more of your photography would be a worthwhile endeavor. And of course, you need a hook. A quirk.

  2. One might think being myself is quirky enough. 🙂

    I’d actually considered a daily photo. That seems to be working in other spots.

    And patience is a virtue. I’ll get to that next Monday or so.

  3. I’m new both to blogging and reading blogs, as I have only been doing both for about 3 months. Your blog is one that I added to my reader and have enjoyed reading.

    I was a little surprised at the tone of this post and the measuring the blog’s success post. I thought, while I am not “blog ambivalent” now, will I be a year from now?

    Regardless, if blogging is a hobby (even if it is a hobby that ultimately earns some sort of a paycheck) shouldn’t it be fun? Of course part of the fun is having others read and comment on your posts.

    I think you hit on it at the end here, when you ask yourself why you blog? The answer to this will, I think, determine how to proceed.

    Anyway, I could go on, but won’t. There is probably some blog-comment length etiquette that I am destroying right now.


  4. (Duplicate comment from another thread)

    Not to worry. I’m ok with things as they are. Given a little year-end navel gazing, I’ve decided I’ll simply do what I want to do.

    It’s worked so far.

    If anyone keeps reading, it’s their own decision. How I’ll define success is still a little up in the air. Chances are I’ll still be here in a month or so.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    I found you, as I suspect others did, while looking for info on Anne. Being an election year kept me involved with all of that and national events. My sense is that anyone’s blog should be what the founder desires it to be. This may sound simplistic but you choose the subjects. For instance I found the Hooter’s dialogue interesting, revealing, and humorous yet have no interest in your local school board. Some subjects will pluck the strings of some and not others but to ‘hold’ bloggers I suspect a variety of subjects is best. This may involve more input than you wish to expend–again it’s your call. Do you Bloggers frown on open posts where the subject may be initiated from the outside? I only ask because to me that would be a vehicle to increase consistant hits regardless of local or national events. I also respect the fact that you do no butt kissing just to appease the posters–this is not the case on many sites.