It all ads up – hits for 2008

I was out running errands earlier. Yes, I was well bundled, but being the good Republican environmentalist that I am, I parked the car in the middle of a big lot and walked to three different stores in a humongous strip mall. Baby, it’s cold outside. I still can’t warm up.

Anyway, the numbers are in. I’ve really slacked off these last couple of months, and it shows. Total page loads from inception to December 31st – 433,465. For those of you that like details, the first date of counting was 12 January, and I block all of my own hits.

Not bad for a first year. Thanks so much for helping to make Fairly Conservative fairly successful.

I still can’t decide for sure about picking up some advertising revenue (hence the title!) and may try again to mess with things in the next few weeks.

Is anyone making money off this stuff?


  1. Cindy, you might want to take a look at Project Wonderful. You get to choose the size/number of ads you want to place on your site, as well as the location of those ads.

    I haven’t made a lot of money off it yet, but I only started a few weeks ago.