Paradise has a new look

I’ll be frolicking in sun and sand within the week, but for now I’m content with a geekier arrangement. You see, I bought myself a new computer and have it set up a bit like a cockpit in the family room right now.

Oh, sure, eventually it will find its way to the oldest’s bedroom and become the photography mecca for which the machine was purchased, but for now, I’m staring at a huge lcd screen with a keyboard on my lap whilst reclining in my favorite chair and ottoman. (FYI, commandeering the son’s bedroom is a sure sign that I might be getting a handle on this emptying nest.)

The Web site looks pretty cool full screen. I especially like the Flickr feed. I’ve taken today’s picture in conjunction with tonight’s dinner preparations and will be posting the photo and recipe (as much as there is one) soon.

Happy Friday.


  1. The Lorax says:

    I might suggest actually posting the picture on your blog, and titling/describing it. The flickr feed might be a little too “off the beaten path” for readers to really experience. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. If I ever take one worthy, I’ll do that. Right now I’m still grabbing the point and shoot and they are iffy at best. 🙂

  3. When will you be checking on kevin fisher’s vacation useage in 2008?

  4. Someone actually brought that up the other day. Do you think he’s goofy enough to try to get away with it two years in a row?

  5. The Lorax says:

    We’ll never know–that is, if you’re goofy enough not to check.