New Mexico’s Bill Richardson OUT as Obama’s Commerce Secretary

This is going to be interesting. So far, there’s no detailed explanation.



    Seems Richardson’s administration is being investigated for possible “pay to play” allegations.

    Obviously it’s disappointing, but it’ll be interesting to see what (if any) involvement Richardson had.

  2. Hot Air had this a few weeks ago.

    There’s also this on MSDNC.

  3. Pay to play – imagine that.

  4. HighField says:

    Any guy who would help Bill Clinton with his doxie-in-the-oval-office problem by interviewing Monica Lewinski for a job has got to be sleazy deep down, no matter what other good things he’s done.

  5. When will people actually take to heart Barry O’s questionable associations. Scumbags hang out with scumbags – good guys don’t. Its a fact in the real world – why doesn’t it stick to BHO?

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Regardless of his level of involvement, not having Bill Richardson in any President’s cabinet is a good thing for America. If Obama follows the liberal playbook he will appoint another minority, possibly another Hispanic, to replace Richardson. Rest assured delaying confirmation hearings has never bothered Democrats before but makes a convenient reason to say ‘adios’ to Richardson. I suspect those in the know see the Grand Jury getting close to Richardson and want no part of it. This is not new ‘news’ but apparently something has changed or come to light since Richardson’s original vetting. Michelle Maulkin reported on this on Dec. 16, 2008. Depending on the outcome I still see an ambassadorship in Richardson’s future.

  7. The Lorax says:

    Dan, it’s true for both parties. I don’t have to delve into it, do I?

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    Sorry, I don’t buy your generalization. Let’s compare McCain to Obama. Most likely you will name Keating for McCain.
    For Obama:

    A pastor who regularily uses the words ‘God damn’ in his services?

    > Friends who attempted to blow up the National Capital and Pentagon?

    > Friends who babyset for you that were well placed in the PLO?

    >Multiple friends and members of your advisory committees who served on the SDS, or Students for Democratic Society, a break off group of the Weathermen?

    >A business partner found guilty of 5 different felonies and facing more charges?

    >Cannot produce your own Birth Certificate or a copy of the ‘original’?

    >Anyone in his family who is in this country illegally?

    > A two year period in your life that is a blank slate, no one knows what you did?

    >Admitted using illegal drugs.

    .> Friends who founded the Weathermen?

    >Supported a dictator and contributed to help getting him elected?

    >Attended a church for 20 years, been married by, had your children baptized by, a pastor who has beliefs you now say you never heard in that 20 years.

    > Friends who blew up a statue of a policeman killed in action, and when rebuilt, blew it up again.

    > Have friends who call Venzuela’s Chavez ‘comrade’?

    More specifically:
    Uncle Frank Davis
    Rashid Khalidi
    Mazen Asbahi

  9. The Lorax says:

    My favorite is “>Anyone in his family who is in this country illegally?”

    Yeah, what a scumbag. Funny, Randy. McCain has plenty of skeletons too (not just Keating. All politicians do.

  10. J. Strupp says:

    How many times are you going to dust off that list Randy?

    Once again, my favorite is, “Admitted using illegal drugs.”

    A close second would be the one about the birth certificate. I see that pile of nonsense is still alive and kickin’.

    I don’t believe Lorax referred specifically to McCain but implied that both parties run the same playbook when it comes to handling scumbags within their ranks.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    Hey, I used McCain because he’s fresh in everyone’s mind. You can pick any candidate for President you want. I’m glad you’all have your favorites. And it’s hard for the list to collect dust because it is constantly being added to.
    Skeletons are one thing–we all have them. But known associations with people such as those listed are not something attributed to any candidate for President that I know. How about all of those who read this site–how many of you know Presidential candidates or a politician who has had known PLO Officials babysit their children; or have ever had a pastor regularly use the phrase ‘God damn’ in their sermons; or have had almost 1 million dollars donated to a thug dictator in your name; or have an aunt (Zeituni), Lorax’s favorite, or other family member illegally living in this country in public housing and on welfare after just stating we should take care of our brothers and sisters; or, or, etc ?

    Political parties handling scumbags within their ranks has nothing to do with this discussion. I believe Dan H is referring to associating with scumbags, to use his term, and not what is done with them. My point is Obama has a definitive history over a period of time of associations with people who have, at best, questionable histories and backgrounds. Then later as their pasts become known he either disavows or disassociates with them when it becomes politically expedient. Add Richardson to the list.

  12. Randy –

    “I don’t believe Lorax referred specifically to McCain but implied that both parties run the same playbook when it comes to handling scumbags within their ranks.”

    Actually if a guy like Blago was a Republican he would be out of office and gone by now as both the party and the msm would have taken care of that in their separate ways. A different standard applies if you are a “progressive”.

  13. The Lorax says:

    Nice try Leapin. Ted Stevens. Ted Haggard. Tom DeLay. Mark Foley.

    At the same time Democrats have Blagojevich, Tim Mahoney, Bill Richardson, Bill Jefferson.

    Everyone’s corrupt. It’s the nature of life.

    BTW – of the “20 most corrupt members of congress” only4 are Democrats. Do your research before you spew talking points.

    Every single mainstream media company is owned by multi-billion dollar republican-controlled conglomerations.

  14. Ah, doesn’t fly, Lorax. Crew’s opinion on corruption is by no means sacred.

  15. The Lorax says:

    I almost forgot Vito Fossella and Rick Renzi!

    I also wanted to address Randy. The guy comes from a recently immigrated family. I bet your family immigrated here ”illegally” too. But somehow having an aunt that is in the country illegal makes you a scumbag? you’re really grasping at straws.

  16. The Lorax says:

    Doesn’t fly? Okay I’ll take that. But then either does the immigration argument. Or are you playing favorites?

  17. I wasn’t aware of an “immigration argument.” I did see where Obama’s favourite auntie was living in the country illegally off the taxpayer’s dime. You remember – the auntie he didn’t know about but who he used to make fortunes when writing his book?

  18. Randy4sam says:

    The terms scumbag or corrupt were never entered originally on this site by me. Lorax, you’ll get no argument from me on what you say about the politicians but that has never been my point. However, it is a weak stance to defend your man by the “everyone’s doing it” defense. Your guy is going to be President and he was elected by the whole country, not some district or state. When you defend your guy by pointing to others you are admitting your guy is tainted.
    My point has always been that Obama’s associations with scumbags, criminals, terrorists, and the like are a sign of his character and judgement. He is to be my country’s President and I would prefer someone with higher credentials in each of those categories. Nowhere in any of your posts, Lorax, do you defend your guy because you cannot. The people I list, their associations with Obama and their histories, are well documented and apparently a majority of Americans don’t care or don’t know–it matters not. But it matters to me that my President gave a speech stating we need to treat each other as brothers and sisters and days later it is revealed that this millionaire has an aunt here illegally living on my dime while getting no help from her nephew. It’s not that he’s a scumbag, it’s that he’s our President.

  19. Nice Try Lorax –

    I didn’t state that that there are no corrupt Republicans or that no Republican has been associated with corrupt activity. My point is the way the corruption is treated. For the most part the involved Republican is soon swept out of office or never heard from again either by pressure from party officials or the msm. In a comparible situation the Dems circle the wagons and the offender hangs on, often aided by softer or omitted coverage by the msm. The most obvious example over the years is Teddy K. Would a Republican have survived the same incident?

  20. Randy in Richmond says:

    I overlooked answering your question about how many times I’m going to dust off the list of Obama associates. It will be at least four years.

  21. Tinkerbell says:

    Good point Leapin. Not only has Ted survived, but is lauded as a hero. It defies logic.

    For those of you too young to know what Leapin is referring to, here’s a CRASH COURSE (pun intended) on Chappaquiddick:

  22. The Lorax says:

    Proving once again that Leapin, both Randy’s, and Tinkerbell are caught up in partisan puffery. Not that i’m not guilty of the same.

    “____ (democrat) did this, if they were a republican they would have been cannibalized!”

    I think molesting little boys, having a second family, and patronizing prostitutes, and twinking for gay sex in an airport (Foley, Fosells, Vitter, Craig) are just as reprehensible as an escapade in Chappaquiddick, oral sex in the oval office, and high-class prostitutes (T. Kennedy, Clinton, Spitzer).

    Obviously that’s not what anyone else is arguing. It’s a jockeying attempt to perpetuate some scorpid holier-than-thou storyline.

    Deep down, we all do scummy things.

  23. Randy in Richmond says:

    Last time. None of those men’s mis-deeds changes or lessens the many associations of Obama, over a long period of time, with known terrorists, convicted criminals, and a thug dictator.