A reason to get up in the morning

Everyone needs one! This morning, in addition to the ever active bladder of my aging dog, I can put something wonderful on today’s to do list.

It’s the start of a new season for Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.

Today is a chance to get back to the routine for hundreds of families with school-aged children. This family did everything BUT relax this holiday, and it’s showing. I’m thinking the youngest needs to head back to school for a little R&R.

January is a tough month around here with finals and also the last prep for Spartanette season competitions. This mother knows to – well, I can’t figure out a better way to say this right now – duck and cover. Or leave town. 🙂

Mentally I’m looking toward February already.

If you’ve not read for a couple of days, be sure to catch the news that Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker fell through on a campaign promise.

I expect to hear a bit on the local school board race today. Papers are due by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Some interesting discussion came out of this post to begin a discussion on the future of Brookfield. Be sure to weigh in if you have an opinion.


  1. CKS in NY says:

    You know, my reason for getting up this morning is I am attempting to get appointed to Congress, you know. While my resume is strong , you know, in the arena of the arts and serving on boards it is my heredity and genes that are my real strength, you know. And unlike the current President, you know, I would be very strong in public speaking and presentation, you know. Why, I go to Washington several times a year, you know, to handle the awards given in my father’s memory, you know. Um, and I live in the very city attacked on 9/11, you know. Also I, as a minority, being a woman you know, would be replacing another woman who has held the seat previously held by my uncle Bobby. Furthermore I am a lawyer, you know, and since Congress is about making, um, laws, I would be the perfect appointment to fill the Senate seat for New York. You know, I consider myself, um, ‘fairly liberal’ so we could have parallel websites, you know.

  2. Yeah, but you guys can’t see Russia from yer house, can ya?


  3. I liked Bourdain for a while, but I can only stand him in half-hour doses or once a season on Top Chef. An hour with him gets real tedious real fast.

  4. Not me – I’m in for the marathon today. Gotta get primed!