Kanavas on the legislative salary increases

Will he or won’t he? Only his press writer knows for sure. It’s not exactly clear. I’ll give you the quote from Wisconsin Senator Ted Kanavas’ press release and then you can tell me:

“Throughout my tenure in the State Senate I have taken a consistent, common sense approach to my legislative salary. Whatever the legislative salary is at the time of my election, that salary remains constant throughout my term. I do not accept salary increases throughout the course of the term. Come election time, the voters deserve a clear understanding of the job I am seeking, how much I’ll get paid to do that job and what steps I plan to take to improve their quality of life” (sic)

I think that means not this year, but I’m open to being wrong on this one.

Is “yes” or “no” such foreign language to our elected that we never hear it or see it in writing?


  1. Yeah, I think it means no until he’s elected again.

  2. Hmm. But was a standard increase set before he was elected that he’ll take? That’s the way the local council amounts are done – there’s a rule that you can’t vote for your own salary increases.

    I guess I’ll look it up today.

  3. I’m learning how they do things at the Wisconsin legislature. He doesn’t vote for it – a committee sets it. And it looks like he must “accept” it, although he can return it.

    The report did use the word “accept.” Maybe he’ll clarify the statement.

    When I get home I’ll do an open records request to see what Kanavas has “accepted” and what, if traceable, he has returned, since his election in 2001. It’s only a few years, so it should be easy.


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