Ted Kanavas for Wisconsin Governor – the Web site (UPDATE!)

While researching 33rd district Wisconsin Senator Ted Kanavas’ plan to forgo his pay increase, I stumbled across his yet-to-be-announced plan to run for governor of this great state in 2010.

There are a lot of layers to this event. Ready?

A quick Google search for “Ted Kanavas” lands the site – www.tedkanavas.com – on the list right after his state Senate site. The home page, when you finally reach it, is labeled in the upper left corner “Ted Kanavas for Wisconsin Governor.”

(Update about 6:00 pm – the original has been scrubbed, so I’m putting in this screenshot. Click on it to see the whole page.)

But first you’ll find a series of four rather cheeky questions you must answer individually:

Are you happy with our leadership, or could they be doing a better job?

A) Happy B) Not satisfied

Does the DNR make things better, or worse, in Wisconsin?

A) Better B) Worse

How’s the business climate in Wisconsin?

A) Great B) Horrible

Are children in Milwaukee getting a proper education?

A) Yes B) No

You must answer all four separate questions correctly before you are allowed to enter the TedKanavas.com Web site. A wrong answer provides this response:

Obviously you’ve already been brainwashed.

In that case here’s your homepage.


Quick as a wink, you’re redirected to Governor Jim Doyle’s Office of the Governor Web site.

Answer the questions correctly, which happens to be all in the negative or B) response category, and you find Mr. Kanavas. (This link will allow you to bypass the scripted questions.)

But wait, there’s more…

Yes, the site’s obviously a draft. “What’s up?” elicits a “Coming Soon” response. So does the “Support” page. But there are several others, Agenda, Bio, Press, Links, Initiatives, and Contact, that give you quite an eyeful.

Go on. Take a look. See if you notice anything…

That’s right. There’s no campaign finance disclosure on this site. If you look closer still you’ll find the fax number listed for Contact is his state legislative office.

Here’s Kanavas’ state senate Contact page.

Kanavas is wrong in so many ways, but I need to start somewhere. The most obvious is using state resources to campaign and the lack of a campaign disclosure statement. It will be disingenuous indeed if he chooses the argue the site was a template or marker. The domain has been active for a long time. It’s the second site Google returns for his name. He’s in the IT business, for goodness sake. He knows better. But obviously, that didn’t stop him.

Next consider the scripting that runs to enter the site. Anyone in the industry knows that scripting like this gets in the way of your message. Next, if he insists on these rather cheeky questions, causing the negative answer to be affirmed sets a negative tone to your message.

According to Kanavas’ campaign finance statements he’s paying thousands a month on his campaign. $3,750 a month goes to Cathy Stepp, and another chunk of change has been going to Laura Gralton for a while to do his fundraising. Timothy S. Lundie, a former Sensenbrenner staffer, shows up recently, too. (This cast is begging for a post of their very own someday!)

While we’re talking money, Kanavas July 2008 report showed a balance of $91,373.88. For comparison, Scott Walker showed $50,867.18 with about $14,500 in loans at the time and Jim Doyle was at $1,097,900.69. For kicks and giggles I looked up J. B. VanHollen’s July 2008 report. He had a balance of $107,819.03 with a loan of $700,000. Ouch.

Yes, I’m tough on the guy. I live in his district. There’s not much he’s done to make me think he’s leadership material. (We can start with the fact that he looks away whenever he sees me!) When I wrote after the election that we need to discern top candidates as Republicans, guys like Kanavas were not what I had in mind.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the rest of Wisconsin thinks.

I should also mention that I’ve done a couple of screen shot saves and downloaded a capture so that I can mirror the site if it disappears quickly. It’s there. He’s elected. This is fair discussion. I sure hope it stays.

Update – 5:00 p.m. – the fax number shown above has magically disappeared from the Kanavas campaign site. Disclaimer anyone?


  1. He says this a couple of times: “But when our elected leadership is not getting it done, the other leadership of our state – the business leaders, the opinion leaders – need to get involved and right the ship. ”

    I have no personal opinion of Mr. Kanavas, but I sure hope he edits. That statement sounds more like a coup attempt than a campaign. I’m sure that was not his intention.

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    And the “Ted Kanavas for Governor” on the homepage is gone as well. Someone must have you on RSS in his office!

  3. Good catch. I’ll have to pop in the screen shot I have.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Heck, my second guess was you were going to eat at Hooters. Oh, well..

  5. I can’t imagine there have been a lot of faxes regarding an unfinished web site.

  6. I am – to figure out the cheesy tater tots. Wilson828 is buying. 🙂

  7. The Lorax says:

    You’re being too hard on him, I really like the guy.

    Just kidding :). Swing away.

  8. The Ghost of Governor Kanavas says:

    Senator Kanavas was looking into the possibility of running for Governor, but, decided back in April that he was not going to run. His decision was reported by WisPolitics, among others. Unless you subscribe to WisPolitics, you can’t see the full links, but a search of Kanavas and Governor on wispolitics.com shows the information around 4/11/08.

    Jeff Mayer, the president of WisPolitics, refers to Senator Kanavas deciding not to run after Scott Walker’s re-election in this article which you can see (second to last paragraph):

    The web site still being up and accessible reflects poorly on whoever was staffing his campaign, but the campaign itself is old news.

    Just relax, Cindy, the sky isn’t falling. You are just a couple months behind on your reading.

  9. No, the sky isn’t falling. Never said it was.

    The site has a disclaimer as of 9:50 p.m., though. That’s funny. (I was at a neighbor’s party and just caught it – not sure when it went up.)

  10. Rex Jones says:

    Nice to see Kanavas, Mr. Holier than Thou, get caught for breaking the law. And yes, no disclaimer and using state resources for campaign purposes is breaking the law. Too bad no one will do anything about it.

  11. Or will they? The DOJ was on the site earlier today.


  12. Well played, Kilkenny … I’ve got screen shots of the Q & A prompts for anyone who’s interested.

  13. Oh mercy Cindy. I am a Republican from Brookfield. I have met you and know your husband. I actually feel sorry for your husband after reading your blog. YOU are out of control.

  14. Oh mercy Peter. I’ll give the spouse your sympathies.

  15. Cindy – you seem to heap the criticism on others from sitting behind a computer screen. If I were Kanavas and saw you – I would turn away too. A lot of dinners I go to you are actually a subject of conversation, and I mean in the “what is wrong with her sense?” and “she needs medication sense”. Really.

  16. Richard says:

    Agreed Peter – Cindy has gone increasingly nuts and we do not socialize with her and Tom anymore. She is extremely self-important and loves to criticize from afar, but cannot take it when people criticize her. She is like a spoiled child. And my wife and I – just like we do spoiled children – ignore her.

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    Peter and Richard-
    It’s interesting how you ignore and criticize from afar. What do you think a blog is?

    I’m not a conspiracist but for you two to appear here pre 7am on the same day on a seven month old blog–mercy me. Really!

  18. Richard says:

    Shut up you jack ass cunt.

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    Jackass is one word.

  20. Richard says:

    Thanks Cindy. Go have another pint. I’m sure you’d know how to spell that word. Now let’s talk about how Tom worked for an accounting firm that went out of business because of fraud and how he was the engagement partner on the MKE county pension plan – the one with the scandal. You don’t here that mentioned a lot. Time to turn the attention of you.

  21. That would be turning the attention to my husband, Peter/Richard.

    The Supreme Court of the United States absolved Arthur Andersen of any wrongdoing, but the company dissolved anyway so it was much too late. He was the engagement partner on the County, but if you’d like to get into the details available through open records, you’d see he had nothing to do with the pension issues.

    I have something I have to get to this morning, including a quick check to see if Ted Kanavas happens to be in Europe right now. You might want to get your stubby fingers away from the keyboard.

    When I come home, I’ll make sure the readers here know the full story of your charming entries.

  22. I’m back.

    I had Plan A all sketched out and ready to go, but instead I’m going to take a Plan B approach. Here are a few things you should know:

    1)Every blogger has access to something called an IP for comments. It’s a special number assigned to your internet connection. That number tells me that you are both Peter and Richard, or at least that Peter and Richard are sharing an IP address within a very short time, and that you are writing from the United Kingdom.

    2)I also have access (as do most bloggers) as to HOW you arrived at the site. You put the words “Ted Kanavas” into the Google search engine. You scrolled through several pages until you found this post. The tool I mentioned above also shows me every page you go to, every time you are there, and whether or not you wrote a comment. BTW, you are using Safari for a browser, which probably means you are on a Mac. Your last visit was 9:39 central daylight time.

    3)Every time you Google “ted kanavas” and then click on this page, you improve this page in the search rankings. If this page ends up as a first page item for Ted Kanavas, you can be proud of your efforts.

    4)The spouse is very successful. Extremely successful. You aren’t the first guy to be jealous of his success or try to diminish it. We will have been married 27 years this Friday. Your lies in a comment section on my blog are not going to a) change the fact that we will still be married, or b) encroach on his success. You display a very typical insecure male trait by dragging him into a situation where your argument is with me.

    5)I’ll share with you what I’ve always told my children. When you use words like “jack ass cunt” you lose your arguments. That little bit of work was far more helpful in ripping your chances of impact than anything I could ever expose about you, so I’ve decided not to make the effort.

    6)As always, thanks for reading. I’m surprised that most of my regular reader traffic doesn’t care about Ted Kanavas. Though our comments are clearly on the site, of the 240 page loads I’ve had already this morning only yours, mine, Randy’s, and a couple of others are coming to this post. I think that means you are a non-issue. It’s also why I skipped to Plan B.

    It’s much, much wiser to save Plan A for when I might really need it.

  23. The Lorax says:

    Hey, Ted!

  24. Are Peter and Richard adults or 15 year old girls?

    In regards to your fifth point, that’s exactly what I was thinking and it’s precisely how I was raised.

  25. Epilogue 1: Our friendly guy with the multiple personalties viewed his handiwork once at 10:23 am using the Google search words “ted kanavas.” The next time he looked at 12:47 pm he came directly to the site.

    Could it be that point #3 matters to our mystery man? It appears even Brookfield Republican males can learn new tricks.

    One can’t help but notice how very quiet he suddenly became after I mentioned Europe. I hope like heck it wasn’t Ted. I’d hate to think my State Senator was really that stupid.

  26. BrkfldDad says:

    This too precious. He’s in Europe and someone from the UK searches for Ted Kanavas? Coincidence, I think not! Methinks somebody may have had a few pints himself!

  27. As a blogger, not everyone will like you. Just like those two guys. I remember getting hate comments like those during my time on MyFoxMilwaukee. Some bloggers there received death threats.

    Another thing you can do with those IP addresses is ban them or else have them banned om almost 50.0000 other sites on fspamlist.com.

    Using language like that is unacceptable for this blog’s environment. We are civilized here, and debate like it too.

  28. Bdad – I never had the chance to see if he was actually there. Do you know?

    Anthony – get used to it. We have some wild times here. Banning wouldn’t work in this case because it isn’t this guy’s permanent IP. I have another odd fellow who switches his IP almost every time he visits the site.

    This isn’t your average blog.

  29. Anthony says:

    He has a dynamic IP? Yeah, then it’s no use.

    I have gotten used to it – I did a LONG time ago.

  30. Oh, sure, one gets used to it. Still doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  31. BrkfldDad says:

    Nope, missed that that wasn’t confirmed. Have no idea where he is!

  32. Anthony says:

    He might be in Argentina with Gov. Sanford!

    I’m not sure though why people claiming to have met you and your family are posting from an English IP. He may be using a proxy based there.

    I don’t think it’s Kanavas. But you never know.

  33. Anthony, I’m pretty sure we can let it go now.

  34. Epilogue II: Our dear Peter/Richard turned out to be former Elmbrook School Board President Bruce Nattinger. Bruce and Ted served on the school board together before Ted was elected to his current position. I won’t speculate as to Bruce’s loyalty to Ted.

    I’ll clarify that I’ve never had a personal relationship with Bruce and his wife Ann. The stuff he quoted about my husband has been out in the “I hate Cindy” circle for a long time. Of course it’s not accurate, but they make themselves feel more important by saying those things to each other anyway.

    It is the world I’ve chosen to live in. You never get used to it, but you learn to put up with it. While I’d like to think it diminishes people like Bruce when it all comes out, in reality most people ignore the entire thing. In the end it’s nothing but an never ending game of inside baseball.

  35. Wilson828 says:

    Wow … great clock and dagger stuff. How’d you figger out this was the named person? Wow.

    So much for that persons credibility …. LOL. Wow.

    I’m never ceased to be amazed at the behavior of some people. Wow.

    And as for Ted Kanavas? I put him in the same boat as Mary Lazich.

  36. It’s a long story, but his wife let loose with too many clues on a friend’s Web site. That and a couple of IPs she had sealed the deal.

    One is never as anonymous as one thinks on these blogs.

  37. Wilson828 says:

    yeah anonymous isn’t what it used to be…. have you guessed who i am yet btw? i’m not a big local personality btw….. well?… any guesses? I’ll send you an email to your gmail acct…

  38. Game on! I thought we settled that a few weeks ago.

  39. Wilson828 says:

    comon …. what do you mean game on …. guess at least 2 sets of first and last name initials… then… i’ll send you an email and reveal myself

  40. DW at SP in NB.

  41. Wilson828 says:

    not even close….. some detective….. i’ll send you an email ….. but then you pinkie swear you won’t ever give me away… deep intrigue uh?

    (i live in NB and I can’t even figure out dw or sp)

  42. Ok, I concede defeat. At least I got NB right! Now if I could just get BrkfldDad to reveal his identity, all of the mysteries in my life would be solved.

    PS – you still owe me cheese tater tots at Hooters when it opens.

  43. The Wonders of WordPress Plugins and WHOIS searches….

  44. BrkfldDad says:

    But then all the fun would be gone. Looked for you again at our wonderful St. Dom’s Days two weekends ago, but alas no luck…

  45. We ate at the Fish Fry on Friday and worked the tent’s food corner after mass. Oh, well… I guess a little mystery isn’t so bad.

  46. BrkfldDad says:

    Figures. Got their late Friday, fish fry was all gone. Only made it back on Saturday night.

  47. Ok, Epilogue III: Nattinger may or may not be the man. I’m saying that to cover my backside. I guess we’ll officially never know. Officially.


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