MJS and their desperate “journalism”

Hey, I used quotes around that word for a reason. They call it journalism. I wouldn’t.

Check this out. Is that pathetic or what?


  1. Pathetic and desperate. They are trying to report news without making an effort and, at other times, are trying to create it like during the cold spell in December when they were trying to create a story around β€œIs your garage door (opener) working?”

  2. That was funny, too. At the time, mine wasn’t, but it was because of a leaf frozen to the bottom of the door. It would dangle and trip the sensor which caused the door to go back up. I kept blaming the spouse and the youngest for not closing the door, but finally figured it out.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’ ve never heard of this story but I do find it interesting that the business owner located next to Seitz, after being told by Seitz that he had personally killed 4 people, didn’t at least run it by the police. Maybe I watch too much TV.

  4. Apparently business news staff member Joe Taschler has had enough. He started looking for a new job. πŸ™‚