…where the temperature is currently 82 degrees.

I know, that’s not exactly fair. I don’t always have to play fairly, you know.

A couple of easy flights later, and I’m in Miami on my way to St. Kitts tomorrow. Tonight I’m holding up in a Hyatt on the spouse’s points. Dinner was at a good little Cuban restaurant around the corner. Mashed green plantains with chopped onions, cubed pork with more onions – this time pickled! – and a Presidente beer.

I’m tucking in soon.

A funny thing happened on the plane tonight. I walked on and found a sea of red punctuated with the letters O and U. It’s the bowl game tomorrow night. I had to laugh as the plane was full of “this ol’ boy” and various Oklahoma vernaculars. It was fun. The fans are certainly ready for game day.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. The Wisconsin blog circuit is a wee bit slow right now. Let me know if you hear anything interesting out there. I’ll have internet for all but a small portion of my trip if all goes well.

Or would it be better to go without completely? There’s definitely a hammock in my future.