Get your limited edition inauguration poster

For a price, of course. Do you think Obama can raise enough money to manage the deficit he’ll be increasing?


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Again the ” limited” is confined to how many he can sell. I’m curious as to why they are asking for job description and employer as part of the donation info. Anybody know why?

  2. Randy wrote-

    “Iā€™m curious as to why they are asking for job description and employer as part of the donation info. Anybody know why?”

    If you buy your organization moves up in position on the bailout list.

  3. Totally unrelated to Obama or the inauguration – but I thought maybe the Brookfield readers could tell me why there are no more ice rinks frozen in Brookfield… not in the budget?

  4. Tinkerbell says:

    Leapin, you may be eerily correct.

    I see the poster, it’s commercialization & self-aggrandizing as being in opposition to the life and teachings of the great leader Mahatma (Mohandas) Gandhi, author of the quote we see abbreviated above Obama’s likeness: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

  5. I think the poster should have said, You will only have (pocket) change after I am finished! šŸ˜‰

    To Dan H, I cannot comment on other parks, but our Kinsey Park rink was closed years ago when the city drove their snow brushing off vehicle on the ice in too warm of weather. It fell in. (Neighbors thought it a bit foolhardy when they attempted it.)
    Ever since then, the city says our pond ice is too unstable and posts a keep off the ice sign. (Salt run off from road and possible current were to blame. Current meaning there is an inlet and dammed outlet.)

  6. @Randy It is probably considered a “donation” so they are legally (depending on amount) required to capture that information.

  7. The Lorax says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s produced by the DNC

  8. Only if they’ve “donated” more than $100, though, right?

  9. @Kyle. I thought you gave up swearing… šŸ™‚

  10. Well you have to admit, the poster does look quite snazzy!

  11. The Lorax says:

    @ Cindy. I don’t know where you got the $100 figure from, it’s been standard practice that the Obama campaign (and now presumably DNC) has always asked for employment info, probably so they can know where their donors are coming from, and also probably for internal studies.

    From the website: “Make a donation of $20 or more to get your limited edition inauguration poster. Or, make any donation of $35 or more and receive two posters — one to keep and one for a friend.”

    EDIT: It’s for the inauguration committee: “The Presidential Inaugural Committee 2009 is a Section 501(c)(4) organization.”

    And the poster is done by a pretty popular artists as well. silkscreens sell for more than that at art museum gift shops.

  12. I’ve enjoyed the Obama campaign artwork myself, but this poster doesn’t work for me. It is cluttered.

  13. According to the citizen’s guide it’s $200. I think $100 is the number for Wisconsin.

    QUOTE Contributor Information

    If you contribute more than $200 to a committee, the committee is required to use its best efforts to collect and publicly disclose on a financial report your name, address, occupation and employer, as well as the date and amount of your contribution. Committees sometimes request this information even for smaller contributions, since the $200 reporting threshold applies to your total contributions to one committee during a calendar year. For example, you may make several small contributions to a committee during a year. Once these contributions add up to over $200, the committee must report the contributor information.

    Note that if you collect and forward contributions to a committee, you must transmit them within a specified period of time and must also provide the committee with certain information on the contributors. Additionally, you may have reporting obligations. For more details, contact the FEC. END QUOTE


    I don’t just pull this stuff out of my backside, Lorax.

  14. The Lorax says:

    I think we were talking about two different things. Just because they aren’t required to disclose, doesn’t mean they can’t.

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    On first glance, and upon further glances, I think the poster looks like one for a South American dictator or Presidente.

  16. Yes, it has that quality–constructivism? Also reminds me of some art deco advertisements. This one is a mess, though. Viva la original! šŸ™‚

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    On the inauguration it’s interesting, not surprising, how the MSM covered the Bush 2005 event and is now covering the 2009 Obama event. To illustrate here are two articles from, a liberal site.

    In 2005 it was pointed out repeatedly the high cost of Bush’s inauguration, $40 mllion, and how much security was going to be needed. The current article never mentions the $100 million pricetag for the Obama event.
    Yes, we conservatives must, at some level, accept that the MSM is and will be in the tank for Obama–but we don’t have to like it.