So why are Elmbrook’s managers running?

I’m sure you saw it, too. Bob Borch is retiring at the end of June. Dave Ross, director of facilities management will leave in March. Why are these to players – so close to the high school referendum issue – running away?

I have an idea, but nothing I’ve confirmed. Leave a comment if you know anything.


  1. The Lorax says:


  2. The Lorax says:

    btw I think we run on the same schedule.

  3. it may have something to do with the reduction in state pension for next year.

  4. Borchert: the trouble with financing.

    Ross: the trouble with maintaining.

  5. The lockdown and drug raid at Brookfield East this week?

    The big Brook East student holiday party over break where a student had to get her stomach pumped and went to detox?

    The PPMS beatings and district failure to report and subsequent coverup?

    D) All of the above?

  6. I believe these retirements stand as testimony to the Roswell cover up. Or, perhaps they are just ready to retire.

  7. Thanks Elmbaroock

  8. BrkfldDad says:

    Can’t be the pension/retirement for Ross, he’s going to work for West Bend.

  9. What do they say about rats and sinking ships?

  10. Funny, Lorax. Actually, Borch is probably figuring his part of the high school project is done, and his pension should be very generous indeed because of his salary history. Ross is likely going to greener pastures, i.e., a growing school district that wants to build. (If the board is smart, they won’t keep this position and the energy position both in Elmbrook. It’s a lot of money they throw out for faked returns.)

    Gibson probably won’t stop until the middle schools are a/c’d and the two little grade schools have their gyms.

    Sad, isn’t it, that the administration bases their goals and milestones on facilities rather than student success.

  11. Maybe Borch doesn’t want to deal with the new referendum. Or maybe he suggested consolidation before the $62.5m, and is sick of the lack of ethics at CAO.

    Maybe Barack (above) can provide more cover.

  12. Borch? Sick of the lack of ethics? There’s a study in “pot calling the kettle black” right there.