City of Brookfield closes public library for two days

Did you know, taxpayers, that there’s been no library service for two days? Neither the Mayor nor the Director for the library were available to comment on the situation.

Chris Blackburn, the 6th district Alderman that serves as liaison to the library board admitted he didn’t know of the closure. For the record, a call to Waukesha’s public library confirmed that was open today.

Here’s the sign that greeted library visitors:

(Sorry for the selfie, but it was a little hard to avoid.)

I have a million questions. Will taxpayers be on the hook for staff salaries even though the doors were closed? Who made the decision to close? Were alderman aware? Is this part of a written policy or can we expect other surprise closures?

If it sounds like I’m ticked, well, I am. I went to get stuff, but oh, well. I’m just a taxpayer. What do I matter?

By the way, there were be a lot of excuses for this decision but I can tell you what you won’t hear anywhere else. The librarians and library techs didn’t want to babysit the drop offs that would happen from the Elmbrook school district being closed.


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