Instant news 24/7

It’s going to take a very sophisticated society to manage the tools we have today. Imagine, news breaking all over the world instantly at your phone.

Such is the case with yesterday’s water landing by a skilled pilot into the Hudson River. (Want great coverage of this event? Check out Newsday. You might recognize a reporter.)

Now word is surfacing that a woman with a cell phone may have posted the first photo of the event via Twitter. (H/T: TechRepublican)

It’s fascinating to consider that a whole group of news watchers – perhaps building to an entire generation – will be devouring breaking news instantly and without the traditional MSM filter.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. What it gives the papers is an opportunity to become more thorough. To check facts better. It also leaves room for more, not less, opinion in their pages. After all, their news will always be old news now. Can they make the transition?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a small group of shareholders whooping a rally cry. Three, including retired attorney Paul Kritzer, are working to be elected to the stock’s board of directors. I wish them luck. Mr. Kritzer, though I’ve only met him over the phone, certainly seemed to be one man that could move mountains should he want to make the attempt.