Happy to be here; Radiant City, and they expect me to cook dinner?

That’s the song in my head – Happy to Be Here by Todd Snider. I don’t have a video, so you can click if you want the lyrics.

As with most songs in my head, I don’t know why it landed there. It just did.

If you want an eerie look into the brain of Brookfield’s Director of Community Development Dan Ertl, check out the movie Radiant City from the Brookfield library. (Wow! It’s cold outside and the library is open anyway!) This is familiar language for me, a victim of way too many plan commission struggles. Let me know what you think.

The movie is surprisingly good, especially if you look below the surface.

I copped out of last night’s dinner, so I’m a little on the hot seat for tonight. Yesterday I picked up sirloin steak on sale at Sendik’s, but now I’m thinking soup. Is it blasphemous to use the sirloin for a stew? I hate it when I can’t get back into the cooking groove. Maybe marinated with ginger and garlic…

I know, I know. I have stuff I need to get to soon. Maybe I’ll get a boost of energy after dinner, but I sure wouldn’t count on it if I were you. 🙂


  1. Yes, it IS blasphemous to use sirloin for stew. But, not because it’s sirloin, because it’s too lean for stew. In my humble opinion.

  2. Not to worry; I’m safe. I ended up broiling it on a bare rack in the oven. It was pretty good.

  3. There would have been nothing wrong with using it in a stew. Look at any pack of stew meat and you will see it’s quite lean. Cut up the sirloin and throw it in a stockpot with some beef (although chicken will do) stock, veggies, (lots of) garlic, a few spices, maybe some potatoes and give it a few hours at a simmer. Oooh…onion, too.

    I should be hungry for this stuff at 0414 on a Sunday.

    Keep this for another sirloin.