Are we in for four years of image over substance?

Or in other words, is Michelle sporting fake fingernails and false eyelashes in this USA Weekend cover photo?

Stuff like this bugs the heck out of me.

Feel free to read the Sunday paper here. I didn’t see anything to knock my socks off today. I’m ankle deep in the ads, though. We’re thinking about a new TV. This plasma vs. LCD thing is driving me nuts!


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Yes we are.

  2. Tinkerbell says:

    The celebrity rockstar treatment seems out of sync with his lip service to austere times.

    However I see multiple generations for whom he might be a role model in helping to recreate the idea of family. He was raised by a single mother, then also by married grandparents . He is familar with each situation. If his choice to marry and raise a family can inspire others to success and happiness in seeking to enter that traditional lifestyle on a broader scale, I think the resultant societal stability and financial improvement may be worth the overexposure to his image.

    It appears Michelle may have taken a few beauty tips from Oprah: false eyelashes, fake nails, filtered lenses. Ladies, please help the world to see and value the inner beauty of a person.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Here is a good article on Plasma vs LCD.

  4. He hasn’t even taken office…and already it has reached tabloid levels.

    The exorbitant cost of his upcoming inauguration shows just how very out of touch this man and his followers are.

    Bill Clinton’s inauguration costs (the first time around): $30 million (which is said to have been comparable to the cost for HW Bush in’89)

    Bill Clinton (the second time around): $23.6 million

    George W. Bush: $40 million (lamented as ‘too pricey’, and at the time was the most costly)

    Barack Obama: estimates say it may reach $150 million (of which his supporters have only raised $41 million to cover)

    All this at a time when thousands of Americans are facing unemployment, foreclosures and a depletion of their savings.

    Democrats – could you please explain how this is justifiable?

  5. Where does that estimate come from Libby?

  6. Having trouble posting the links – but there is an article on Fox, and the Associated Press has issued a similar/same article.

  7. I pulled the links out of the stupid spam filter for you Libby. Thanks for the documentation.

    Good thing BO didn’t campaign on “I feel your pain!” I guess he’s considering it his part to stimulate the economy. 🙂 Boy, Democrats are really going to be cringing a lot with this new guy, huh?

  8. I knew the AP had that chamber pot of a story out, was just wondering if it was published by anyone else. I just didn’t want to throw up the link below too hastily:

    Looks like a better estimate is $45 million.

    Libby, I wonder what you meant when you said,”$150 million (of which his supporters have only raised $41 million to cover)”, and more specifically if you might have been implying that the cost would be pushed off on taxpayers since he couldn’t raise enough?

    Of course that won’t happen because 1. that much will not be spent, and 2. it is not allowed under law.

    Now you might argue that the security costs (cited in the aforementioned article) are pushed over on taxpayers, but that’s been true of every president.

  9. So anything bad about BO is going to be a chamber pot story? It’s from the AP, Shawn, it’s not like it’s from the lefty cover-your-backside group you quoted.

    From what I’ve heard, security wouldn’t be so blasted expensive if BO didn’t demand the whistlestop tour.

    What’s he want out of this?

  10. No, you’re putting words in my mouth. It is a chamber pot story because they have no sources, references, evidence or citations… not even anecdotal testimony from some unnamed lowbie at the OMB.

    That’s why it’s a trash story, plain and simple.

  11. The French and the Turks and the Saudis and the Iranians all want to make political statements via women’s clothing–scarves on, scarves off. Good grief, leave the girls alone. Now we are doing it–Palin’s wardrobe, Obama’s fingernails. What ever happened to the power tie? Yellow is so bold! Pink is confident and above the fray! :-p

  12. I guess I don’t understand your angle. While the story you referenced is linked, it’s not the kind of sources and citations that would give a great deal of comfort, either.

    Get used to the trash stories. It’s your side’s turn now.

    Kathryn – but the girls are popped on the cover for all to see. I guess that kind of makes you fodder. Plus, fingernails and eyelashes are physical enhancements, not clothes.

  13. The Lorax says:

    C., here’s my angle: it’s not journalism. They have no source, and of course it ‘could’ be just about any amount.

    Oh, and re: “it’s your side’s turn now,” point taken. But au contraire!

  14. Lorax,
    Regardless of what the final figure will ultimately be (and I suspect it will, indeed, far exceed that of his predecessors) the point of the post was that the next 4 years with the Obamas will be dominated by the same kind of soap opera junk we had to endure during the Clinton era. We are right back to the delusions of Hollywood and royalty.
    ps. I had wondered what had happend to you, Shawn. Hope school is going well. 🙂

  15. The Lorax says:

    Thanks for the smiley, Libby.

    I guess at the end of the day i’ll take Hollywood and royalty over torture, wiretapping and incompetence.

  16. Libby Wistrom says:

    Well, Lorax, you are in luck! This administration will most likely be about image over substance. God help us all.

    No one ever likes being the bad guy, and having to make the hard decisions. George Bush and his administration had the courage to do just that. They knew it wouldn’t make him popular, and they knew the cost would be asking our military personnel and their families to make huge sacrifices. You can complain about the tactics…you can complain about the policies – but in the end, they kept America and its people safe.

    When the party is over, and the real work has begun, you will most likely find that Barack Obama will have to make many of the same decisions. Let’s all pray that he shows the same courage.

  17. I’m sick to death of him and his family already. Can’t turn on the TV, look at a page in the paper or in a magazine without seeing his face – or hers. Heck, even QVC has special products. Meanwhile, all these “artificial add-ons” for the wife seem to bring incredibility to her “America has to learn to tighten their belts” speech. (Apparently that applies to everyone but herself as she dolls herself up and has $400 lobster snacks at the Waldorf….)
    End of rant….

  18. @Karen Welcome to the minority, I guess. The last 8 years were really hard for ‘our side’ and I can see why you’re upset. But what’s that they say about karma…?

    @Libby I seriously disagree about the policies keeping us safe, but if you’d like to discuss it further, i’m sure Cindy would provide you my e-mail address.