Saffron Indian Bistro – Brookfield

Two of the three critters and I had the lunch buffet at Saffron Indian Bistro in Brookfield last Friday. Located in the strip mall on the southwest corner of Calhoun and Bluemound, this restaurant give you so much more than your $10 worth.

Some of the favorites:

Lamb elaichi pasanda, an unbelievably tender lamb in mild curry with cardamon
Butter chicken (Chicken Makhani) – the most rounded flavor I had – creamy with tomato seasoned by bay, a hint of nutmeg. (It reminded me of chicken in one of my favorite tomato bisque soup recipes.)
Bhindi curry – okra, thick and spiced
Tandoori chicken – tender and juicy
Mango ice cream
gulab juman (sweet rolls) – the youngest liked these in her rice pudding

And of course, their fresh Naan which is hot and crispy on the outside and tender doughy on the inside.

Every selection was unique in flavor and fully prepared – not at all what one might expect from a buffet. A couple of downsides: It’s not exactly for the peanut butter and jelly crowd, and your eyes might overestimate your stomach’s potential.

This independently owned restaurant is a jewel in our community. If you like Indian cuisine, you won’t be disappointed. It remains a family favorite and an incredible value.


  1. Definitely a family favorite with us, too. Same owner as Taste of India, but a different regional style. I love the spicy chickpeas, and I’m not really a fan the bean family.

  2. I didn’t realize they were the same owner. I checked it out with some old Town of B minutes, and it’s true.

    I think I like Saffron’s food a little better. More oomph.

  3. Saffron is one of my favorites too. Love the butter chicken. Good prices too.