More empty retail coming for Brookfield

Harry W. Schwartz booksellers on the southeast corner of Bluemound and Calhoun will be closing at the end of March according to the MJS.

Although I pick up a lot of my books from the library (when it’s open!), I did my part to keep these guys in business. In particular I have loved the authors they have brought through the area in the last 15 years. My growing collection of signed books has come from Schwartz.

But remember! Brookfield’s best days are yet ahead. All of this empty retail? Psshh. Mayor Jeff Speaker and his band of merry men were perfectly justified to increase the density of development in our community. After all, empty buildings are better than no buildings at all!


  1. C, are you interested in signed books in and of themselves? If so, I have a signed detective novel for you–not my favorite author.

  2. The collection is stuff I’ve read. I’m not much for detective novels, though. Thanks anyway!

  3. …now there’s room for a strip bar to go with the Hooters….