Effective avoidance techniques

Oh, heck, everyone else seems to be doing anything but working, so I thought I’d jump on in.

So far today I have:

1) Watched the movie Elizabethtown. I love this movie. I really love the OKC scene (and the round barn!) and I love, love, love the songs. So then I had to:

2) Search for the list of songs in the movie Elizabethtown. I did find one that seemed pretty complete. Then of course I needed to do

3) A brief outline of the road trip I’d like to take. Mine meanders a bit. It would start in Raleigh Durham North Carolina and have similar stops. I’d need to ad Roswell, New Mexico. I’d finished in Fresno, California. There are reaons.

4) Then it was time to plan dinner, which will be early tonight. I settled on a chicken soup with corn and black beans with oven fried corn tortillas, because that way I won’t have to go to the grocery store.

5) Turned on the tv to watch the stock market, which is plummeting on this most important day. I know, I know, many of you won’t allow the two to be correlated, but I think I’ll do it anyway. I swear, it was that speech he gave.

6) Writing on the blog. This is my favorite avoidance technique. It gets me out of a lot of stuff. Dishes, laundry, letting the dog out – you get the idea. There’s plenty of eye rolling from the family when this one is used.

Up next?

A little Travel Channel. And I think it may be time to redo the basement…


  1. Tinkerbell says:

    You may want to travel through Virginia, specifically Richmond. Maybe Randy will take you golfing.

  2. I’m wondering if a “Barack market” (the down trend ever since it looked like he was the winner) differs from a Bear market in that it will last longer and not rebound in the usual way?

    Travel plans always sound good. Planning a fantasy trip, should the opportunity arise, could lift my spirits. It would be nice to go somewhere while gas prices are still low.