What are your plans for the inauguration?

JSOnline.com has that question as a poll. Just in case you were guessing, I voted in the majority.

What are your plans for the inauguration?
Attend a party or other public event (3%)
Watch it at home (18%)
Don’t watch it live, but read or watch media coverage (25%)
Ignore it (55%)
Total Responses: 4144

I have a friend that’s there. He’s been updating his Facebook status via Twitter, so I’m catching some of the inconvenience associated with a billion people landing in one place for a few days.

Oh, and he might pick me up a t-shirt he found:

Don’t blame me. I voted for McCain.

Hope it comes through!


  1. Tinkerbell says:

    I prefer to catch the political news coverage on SNL. That way I just get the facts, free from drama or interpretation.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    I am Tivo-ing the events for a possible later perusal. I live 100 miles from D.C. and have good friends who live in a traditional townhouse in SE Washington. They are Democrats and invited me up for the festivities but I told them I would rather take care of a wisdom tooth problem I had been putting off.
    In reality, as an engineer by education, I tend to be practical and decided that today I would help the sagging economy. A group of like patriots and myself are heading to Kingsmill Plantation in Williamsburg for an extravagant lunch followed by a round of golf on the River Course. It will be cold but by rule no cell phones are allowed and for about four hours we’ll be striding the fairways only steps from where Washington, Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and Capt. John Smith walked years before.
    The closing of Guantanamo; loss of secret ballot in union elections; no more ‘don’t ask- don’t tell’ policy; a tax cheat in charge of the IRS; an AG who pardoned a fugitive- the biggest tax cheat in US history; a President who voted 3 times to allow babies born alive to have no access to appropriate medical care; a Vice President who was one of only 3 Senators to vote against the Alaskan oil-pipe line; a Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee, which administers all things about taxes, has misrepresented his public disclosure forms for decades. Hope and change.

  3. Tinkerbell says:

    I took a quick break and peeked at the TV. Could not believe what I saw. SNL could have great fun with this.

    Meanwhile I will pretend to be Steven “Kojo” Cojocaru and comment on the ecclectic banana yellow outfit Mrs-O is wearing: Dreadfully out of season, this outfit or should I say collection, would be more at home on the White House lawn for a spring Easter egg hunt, than for a dignified first lady.

    The rhinestone-studded “jewel” neckline presents a faux necklace look reminescent of toddler and preschool holiday dresses, designed for those too young to wear real jewels, lest they lose them or worse yet choke during naptime. This is covered over by a loosely constructed crochet-look openwork flower patterned cardigan or jacket. First glimpses of this ensemble were made all the more comical in their overly-feminine, frivolous, out-of-season novelty due to the stiff gait and rather masculine, unfluid, graceless movements of this creature who now represents American women to the rest of the world.

    What would best describe this look? It is not a tailored classic. It is not an updated classic. It is bohemian thrift shop meets baby-princess.

    Oh, where can I buy this look?! 😉

    If they want to focus on image they may need to brush up on it a little.

    Ok, I’m done being “Kojo” now.

  4. Tinkerbell says:

    I peeked again. This time I could not believe what I heard.

    “Narrow interests… Putting off decisions”… these days are over!

    I believe these words of Mr-O are as out-of-place as Mrs-O’s outfit.

  5. Tinkerbell says:

    I peeked again. This time I heard news commentators remarking on exactly the phrases I caught earlier. Their take on it: Obama has been very hard on Bush.

    Perhaps the honeymoon is over?

  6. Keep your day job, Tinkerbell.

  7. Busta Bridge says:

    And Tink, what may I ask you are wearing? Mom jeans, an XL Micky Mouse sweatshirt from 1984 all topped off with a tacky necklace from Kohl’s?

  8. I guess today is drawing out all of the kooks. (And I’m not talking the indie Brit band.)

  9. Musical reference compliments of the youngest?

  10. Nope, I’m a fan.

  11. I’ll be ignoring all media all day long.

  12. Tinkerbell says:

    BB, I’m wearing my little green mini-dress, my wings, and my wand, of course. My tussled blonde ponytail obscured by the sparkles which emminate from the wand as I wave it.

  13. Busta Bridge says:

    Magical 🙂