What Michelle wore

Well, you’re talking about it, so I figured I might as well pop it up here. It beats the black widow/lava lamp thing.


  1. Tinkerbell says:

    Black-Widow design so accurately describes the spiderlike voting frock. A few weeks earlier, it could’ve been a Halloween costume.

    Who IS the designer? Today’s smooth green gloves and shoes were an interesting accent to the overly textured outfit, reminiscent of Grandmother’s old lace tablecloth, yellowed with age.

    I can hardly wait to see her ball-gown(s) this evening. Or perhaps should I say bawl-gowns, if they are anything like the uh, taste she has shown so far.

    What I am really looking forward to is seeing her standing next to Oprah… if not in person, then in the tabloids.

  2. The Lorax says:

    Think you totally missed the point Tink Tink.

    It’s, in my mind, a successful critique of the traditional first lady garb.

    You’re really bitter, aren’t you?

  3. Tinkerbell says:

    Hmm, I learned from the best the main stream media has to offer. And yet, I cannot achive the pinnacle of acrimonious critique-dom.

    Alas, I shall wave my wand and get back to serious lest the seussical Lorax think I am embittered, not humorous. G’day.

  4. My bad. Isabel Toledo is the designer.

    I kind of liked it, but I’ve always liked monochromatic design.

  5. Tinkerbell says:

    “kind of” is the operative word here… glad you left yourself an out. Kind of non-commital. OOps, like BO!

    And I rather like monochromatic “design” as well. This may have been monochomatic but perhaps it was missing the “design”.

    On third glance, the bejeweled neck and flowing robe is rather pharoah-esque!

  6. I think I would have worked without the sparkly element for daytime, though.

  7. Tinkerbell says:

    Yes, I believe the sparklies were out of place. The open coat, very seasonal: spring-like. It would be dramatic for hostessing an indoor luncheon if she simply had to wear it this time of year, given the climate. A closed coat would be more apropos. A closed coat, beautiful scarf, of course her gloves, and either lovely shoes or to-die-for boots.

  8. Tinkerbell says:

    On the 10 o’clock news, we saw Mrs-O in a white, one-shoulder dress that looked like she was wrapped in toilet paper! Seriously. It reminded me the of bridal shower game in which guests design a white wedding gown made of t.p.!

    What next?!

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    I see you have a feature movie coming out later this year and you will get to talk on screen for the first time. I can hardly wait to see the secrets of Pixie Hollow revealed. I suspect the Disney people are not happy with your politics, though.

  10. Tinkerbell says:

    Randy, U R always right

  11. Well, tink, I won’t be quite so harsh, but I will say it’s not what I would have chosen. I think the train and one shoulder are much too young on a mature woman.

    I think I’m more worried about Obama’s down-turned “gee I hope I don’t get caught” smile reminiscent of Bill Clinton.

  12. Tinkerbell says:

    As a child, my parents had a record album in their collection, titled “Herb Alpert’s Tiajuana Brass: Whipped Cream & Other Delights”. This is also reminiscent of Michelle’s dress. http://www.amazon.com/Whipped-Cream-Other-Delights-Anniversary/dp/B0007MRXUQ

    Perhaps this what BO is also thinking? That “might” explain his facial expression.

  13. I just brought that album back from our Christmas trip! I also have it on my iPod – it’s one of my most engraved childhood memories.

    I see what you mean…