A telling aftermath

It ain’t easy being green.

Swiped from Fred Dooley who doesn’t mention a source.


  1. Tinkerbell says:

    I am comparing and contrasting this scene with the quick clean up we hear about for Times Square after New Year’s Eve. A combination of personal responsibility on the part of the visitors and planned cleanup would be a great partnership.

    Here’s another idea. Perhaps not practical in this circumstance. A high school “conservation” teacher once shared with us that upon finding garbage left at a campsite, some of which identified the owners, he mailed it to them.

  2. Tinkerbell –

    Are you considering buying carbon credits from Al Gore to offset the damage from the 600 private planes that flew into Washington?

  3. Tinkerbell says:

    Perhaps carbon credits should be added to the ticket price or fuel cost?

  4. Perhaps Al Gore should be added to the mall trash.