Words that won’t inspire confidence

With the confirmation of Timothy Geithner looming as Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury, I thought I’d do a little research into the controversy of his tax returns. While I’ve decided there’s really no controversy there, tax returns can be traps for anyone, I did run across an interesting bit of writing.

Granted, this is coming from the New York Times, so one might expect a little less than hard-hitting journalism, but still:

Obama advisers say the candidate “fell in love” with Mr. Geithner, in the words of one, while a Geithner associate said Mr. Geithner reported being “smitten” with Mr. Obama. “They both have that kind of quiet confidence in their demeanor,” the associate said.

“Fell in love?” Smitten?” And I just had breakfast!

I’d like a little confidence in my government, please. Can we leave the lovefest Obama and Geithner are considering out of it?


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I have a different view of the person who will be in charge of the IRS. I don’t want a tax cheat in that position. Don’t mind someone who made a mistake or stretched a rule. But the IMF sent quarterly and year end statements to Mr. Geithner giving all the facts on his taxable income, including the ‘extra’ payments to cover the taxes for non-withheld bonuses. In other words the IMF said we are not going to let your bonus be penalized with taxes so here is the amount you owe in taxes in addition to your bonus. This happened over several years and was not just a one time oversight. He also illegally claimed the costs for sending his children to camp as ‘child care’. This is actually a tax credit and claiming this is more egregious than a deduction false claim. And when caught as his appointment was pending all was promptly paid off.
    I do consider this controversial for the head tax man. Maybe we should consider former Representative William Jefferson, infamous for the $90,000 in cash in his refrigerator, for Attorney General. He is a lawyer.