Didn’t flush? You may have cost American jobs.

Flushed twice? You probably lost a few American jobs for that, too.

It seems that every new initiative in America is now measured in the jobs you may cost or make for America.

We’re a wee little bit obsessed, don’t you think?

The latest laughable use of the jobs argument is from the American Beverage Association. Now granted, I am not a fan of New York Governor David Paterson’s plan to tax sugared soda. I absolutely believe it’s social engineering and does not belong in America’s government. But the rebuttal proposed by the ABA is a miss. The jobs and taxes aren’t all that’s at stake.

The beverage industry in New York provides a hand up to the economy at a time when other industries are coming to government for a hand out. It supports 160,000 good-paying jobs with good health benefits, with many of those being union jobs. The industry also has a direct economic benefit of $7 billion to the New York economy and an indirect benefit of $25 billion.

It will be interesting to watch how every argument is shaped into an economic/jobs argument. Al Gore’s already done it with his new Repower America campaign.

Say what you want about Mr. Gore, but the dude’s a marketing genius. Too bad America is full of the suckers that will buy this snake oil.


  1. What snake oil? He is completely credible after his work on the WWW and being the role model for “Love Story”.