Elmbrook continues discussion on Open Enrollment

Wow, it would be really easy to become exhausted by this issue. Like the building referendums, that’s exactly what Superintendent Matt Gibson would like. It’s hard keeping up with the district’s unbearably dull board meetings. It’s work to check the agendas week after week. I’ll admit I’m not doing as good a job as I could.

Finally, though, FINALLY, there are a couple of Elmbrook board members listening to blogger concerns (mine and Kyle Prast’s mostly) about non-residential enrollment at Elmbrook schools.

There’s an article on the front page of today’s BrookfieldNOW. Tom Gehl in particular is not holding back on his request for staff to produce information. Gehl, according to the article, notes that Mr. Gibson’s desire to increase open enrollment seats will move Elmbrook from a goal of 10% non-resident to 12%. That’s right. Mr. Gibson, in a time where non-resident enrollment has been a focus for over two years in this district, wants to make sure MORE, not less, outside enrollment has access to the exemplary school district paid for with your tax dollars.

Of course, Gibson is quick to remind readers that students bring dollars with them. What is always missing from this discussion is the number of classrooms that could be consolidated if non-resident enrollment were not being used to stuff empty chairs.

How many empty kindergarten slots are there at Brookfield Elementary? How many at Hillside? Did we make a classroom there? Look again at Dixon and Tonawanda. Well?

The district will continue to dance around this one. Let’s hope board members aren’t posturing. Demand real answers for a change. You pushed the community into high school remodeling that will always be too large. For goodness sake, get a grip on enrollment before you add air conditioning and gyms to two grade schools that should be closed.