Dick Morris looks through his crystal ball

Bummer alert. This piece from The Hill isn’t exactly uplifting morning reading. But, it should be read.

Obama will accomplish his agenda of “reform” under the rubric of “recovery.” Using the electoral mandate bestowed on a Democratic Congress by restless voters and the economic power given his administration by terrified Americans, he will change our country fundamentally in the name of lifting the depression. His stimulus packages won’t do much to shorten the downturn — although they will make it less painful — but they will do a great deal to change our nation.


  1. Ignorance, fueled by a liberal educational system and media, and apathy fueled by economic prosperity (past tense), have finally delivered the beginning of the socialist utopia. A lot of us knew it was coming. A lot of us will have trouble dealing with it. We are a nation ignoring the rule of law and the laws of economics in dealing with our situation. A lethal combination.

  2. Tinkerbell says:

    Yes, Leap, those are wise words and people would benefit to read and digest them.

    We are becoming an infantile society. There used to be phrases like, “paddle your own canoe” and “self-starter”. People took pride in a level of self-sufficiency and interdependence.

    Now we seem to have reached a tipping point. Those embodying the former ideals are regarded as strange. A larger part of the population is becoming dependent, and the mantra seems to be “entitlement”. Unfortunately it is a vicious cycle and each day more begin to wonder why they should work hard when they percieve strong disincentives in place?

    There is an answer, and it sustained our ancestors. The answer is, “so our children will have a better life”. Our forefathers suffered greatly, savoring the dream that by their sacrifice they may make better lives for future generations of their families.

    Now so many think only of themselves, not others, not the future, not the value of sacrifice. Just what can “I” get… today… for free?

    As for me and my house, What can “I” give today? How may I lighten another’s burden? Heal a wound? Empower self-esteem? Collaborate with other do-gooders? Encourage a person to look beneath the surface? To think?! How may I support another person without fostering greater dependence and infantile mindset ?

  3. Tinkerbell –

    The whole concept of I will give you a helping hand until you get back up on your feet is replaced by I’ll give you a helping hand (indefinetly). All of it heading for a process in which we will all need a helping hand instead of most of us on our feet and able to lend a helping hand to others when needed.

    Have you ever read the story of the Massachusetts Bay Company and their experiment in socialism here in America before we even became a country?

  4. Tinkerbell says:

    Leap, you sent me a-googling! In various articles I see “theocracy” and “dissenters were suppressed or banished”.

  5. Tink, you might google Dick Morris while you’re at it.

  6. Tinkerbell says:

    Kathryn, I think I found on wikipedia what you were hoping I would learn: “He always wanted to listen to the Morris voice to kind of say, what are the thoughts of the most extreme kind of manipulative operation that could go on in politics? I want to hear that voice. I want to hear what he’s thinking.”

    Also, that Morris’ site Vote.com, sends a person’s vote directly to the object of the vote. Hmm, what identifying information is included? Might this target one for suppression? This reawakens the concern I had yesterday regarding promise #234 – allow 5 days of comment before signing bills!

    So, if I understand correctly, Morris plays for both teams, Reps & Dems, and seems to be pollinator of ideas regarding manipulation of the public?

    So currently he may be appearing to position himself in opposition to Obama, but may indeed be doing this with the idea in mind of drawing out the opposition and passing them to Obama, well identified?

    It looks like a trick and a trap. I thank you. I whistle a nervous tune and step slowly away.

  7. Talk about pollinator of ideas, Tink! You flit, you float, you fly!

  8. Tinkerbell says:

    @K: First thank you again for pollinating the idea I google DM. Your suggestion was not lost on me and look at the nice warning that bloomed: Don’t step in the internet quicksand!

    Hopefully I’m not a pollinator of weeds, allergens, and venus fly traps, but of positive things.

    Just to cover all my bases, may I add:
    “I’m sorry”,
    “I forgot”,
    “Excuuuuse me!”

  9. LOL

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    Wikipedia is good for dates and general info. When it gets specific it generally takes a left turn. Dick Morris is a character, a very smart one at that, and he used to hang with the Clintons. Today, his writings and appearances reflect almost entirely a right center point of view. He has a bone to pick with the Clintons and cares not for Obama. His history is salted but he is in our camp now and thus the amber light from Kathryn.

  11. Tinkerbell says:

    Looks like Tink needs to beware of quicksand… and also slowsand!

  12. Salted? He betrayed the Republicans to hang with Bill Clinton. He betrayed Clinton to impress his “date.” Dick Morris is in the camp of Dick Morris.

    By the way, I didn’t recommend Wiki.

  13. Tinkerbell says:

    Right, I read wiki because it came up… also Vote.com. I was just indicatingthat I thought I found what I needed to learn, and this where I happened to find it. My bad.
    I’m sorry
    I forgot
    Excuuuuuse Me
    (IS- IF-EM)
    ps. you are both very helpful in providing a map of the general lanscape, methinks I’ll escape the venus fly traps and quick/slow sand.

  14. Randy in Richmond says:

    Most every pundit I know is in their own camp. How did Morris betray the Republicans as he worked on Clinton’s elections in 1977-82-84-86-90 and96? He is a professional political consultant who has sucessfully helped over 30 Senators and Governors get elected, both Democratic and Republican. He has also helped candidates in other countries get elected.
    A betrayal is an intentional act. Calling the President to impress him as Morris did is not a betrayal, but a stupid thing to do.

  15. The man’s reputation is what it is. It is entirely possible that he is much and falsely maligned, and everything in the press about him during the 90’s was just plain wrong. It’s possible.

    Other paid consultants seem to do business without drawing that sort of criticism. I don’t think he has any credibility.

  16. I wouldn’t expect you to be a fan, Kathryn.

    For what it’s worth, I offered the piece without opinion. He’s selling more fear than I like. I do think it’s important to know that a lot of people are thinking exactly what he writes.

  17. Just a little Wikipedia tangent.


  18. Randy in Richmond says:

    Who knows whether Wikipedia’s proposed editorial changes will be better. It’s interesting that at least they know they have a problem. My thought is to use the site as a guide while knowing that editorializing is part of the deal.

  19. Best Wikipedia hack? Use the sources listed on the page as a wellsprig for your research instead of copying what wikipedia says.

    In other words, Wikipedia provides citations which give you the ability to easily go straight to the primary and secondary sources instead of trying to sift through tertiary information.


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