Reading the Sunday paper, 9/25

Yep. A little information porn for your Sunday.

Honestly, I’ve tried three times to get through this front page story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The story is disgusting. So far, the paper has elocuted a “too bad, so sad, there’s nothing you can do about it” song that’s as nauseating as the story they are reporting.

If you’ve been able to read the story Child-care scams rake in thousands you are welcome to discuss it here. Trust me, right now my opinion of this situation would probably get me locked up if I were to write it. Let the short version state that I wish I could sue Jim Doyle for using gross neglect with my tax dollars.

In the decorating section, I noticed the spouse had conveniently left the paper open to the options for housing a large flat-screen television. We are still having this on-going argument as to where such a fine piece of American life should be located. I say the basement. He says the family room. Add that to the plasma vs. lcd discussion and it could be next year before we ever get around to it.

Except! I did just pick up this jewel for the bedroom from Aldi’s of all places. It seems to have all the features I was told to look for in an LCD choice. We’ll see how it goes.


  1. Do you have a family room and living room? I’m guessing you do. If so, then I say keep it upstairs. If not, keep your space upstairs more formal and send the couch potatoes to the basement.

  2. I saw the Aldi ad. I think you need a digital box for the t.v. With Time-Warner, do they charge after the first box? I have to look into it. Otherwise, it’s a great deal

  3. Ooops just read the ad again. Does the built-in digital tuner replace the need for a digital box from Time Warner? Could a tech person out there let me know, please. Thanks

  4. I don’t have digital cable, so I don’t have a clue. There is a digital tuner built in, so I can pick up those digital waves through the air.

    I have to get it out of the car first. 🙂

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    The digital tuner built in to the TV accomplishes the same thing as the digital converter boxes you can purchase for $45 to $80 and apply the $40 coupon from Uncle Sam against. It is designed for digital ‘broadcasts’ from thru the air transmissions. You still might pick up a stray channel here and there but to get digital cable you need the box.

  6. Thanks Randy. I have cable with one tv hooked up to their digital box. My other tvs in the house get cable, but not digital. So, for this tv witht he built-in tuner, would I get the same signal I am getting on my one flat-screen with the digital box from the cable company? Thanks

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    No. You will get the same signals your non-box TV’s get. In this case the built-in digital tuner makes no difference. But say the local cable company has a fire and cannot operate for several months. You can then receive the local digital broadcast TV stations, thru a standard antenna, on your TV with the built in tuner. This assumes the conversion to digital takes place as advertised on Feb. 17, 2009.

  8. I’m just glad you didn’t put “information pr0n” in the title again. It played havoc with my content filter. 🙂

    And when I type “0” (zero) it looks just like the letter “o.” Interesting.

  9. Never thought about that. I bet I get a couple of weeks of weird Google search hits now.