I know, I’ve been bad

But I got a little sidetracked today. I did get some laundry done. That’s a good thing. But, my laptop a/c adapter has stubbornly decided to stop functioning. Right now, the only way I can charge the battery (that has spit worth of battery life anyway!) is to plug it into the car and go somewhere.

And it’s too cold to go somewhere!

I finally broke down and found the login link I need to update the blog, and thought I’d let you know that no, I didn’t get run over or anything. I am having what might simply described as technical difficulties. All of the good links to the stuff I was going to get to are on the computer that’s on it’s last leg.

This sets up an interesting decision. Do I replace my much loved, much traveled laptop, or do I sink the $200 to $300 into the machine that will be needed to keep it going another year. I’ve already started proposing the question to the under 30 crowd in our immediate circle. Of course, they think I should be looking at a 13″ Mac. But I hate giving into the idea that one little thing (ok, in this case there are about 3 medium things) means you have to render what’s otherwise a great computer obsolete.


Ok, my life’s not really that tough, I know, but if you have any insight into my next move, by all means, share. I’ll check in again tonight before I turn in.


  1. The Lorax says:

    Well if you’re looking at getting more into photography i’d say upgrade to the mac. but you will never find me buying any mac other than the Macbook Pro.

  2. Mac!! Will be my next laptop, no question. Our first computer was a Mac years ago, and worked flawlessly. Now that it interfaces with Windows, it is the #1 computer of choice for executives. You will have much fewer problems with spam, viruses, slow speed, etc. You’ll be the judge of whether you want to sink $$$ into your existing system, or put that $$$ towards a great new machine. I’d vote for the new machine.

  3. You already have an iPhone – make it complete with the MacBook. Haha.

  4. This is a simple business decision. If the cost of maintaining the old one exceeds the cost of purchasing a new one on an annualized basis, buy the new. Remember to look at ALL costs, tangible or not.

    Only Lefty’s use Mac. 😉

  5. Wilson828 says:

    I bought a Macbook just over a year ago. I really love it. It syncs so effortlessly with my iPod’s. But if I had it to do over again I probably wouldn’t do it…. why? Because having a Mac in a PC world is a PITA. Depends on what you wanna do. What costs $2K for a Mac you can get something of equal quality for about 600 bucks in the PC world. No kidding. I can update and replace the PC more frequently because the price point is lower. And you should look at these new HP mini’s. Very portable – very cool for traveling. On the plus side the Mac battery lasts forever – you do actually get hours of power rather than minutes in the PC world. True, you don’t need virus software and all the PITA hassles that go with that whole bs. It’s Apple and it simply works. If Apple would have licensed their hardware like IBM did years ag0 (25 yr ago) .. Window’s wouldn’t be and we’d all be using Apple’s. MS spent a whole lot of money trying to replicate the Apple – and they, MS, won. It’s not fair. It was fair that VHS won over Beta. I’m drifting – sorry – buy both. Buy the $2K Macbook with lots of memory and a 500 buck PC laptop. Support the economy. You’ll enjoy both and you deserve both. Think of it like buying shoes.. you have more than one pair?.. no? It’s guy logic – buy both. Don’t fight it. You’ll be okay … one pc won’t be jealous of the other pc… buy both.

  6. Buy both. 🙂 Yes, Wilson828, we do think alike.

    Actually, Deekman is right. I searched a little more and found the replacements I needed for about half of what I initially uncovered from the original vendor. That let me pick up a $30 RAM upgrade I’d been meaning to install. So – for about $110, I should be good for another year. This little gem has been a workhorse, so I hate to let it go.

    Now I just need to discipline myself to do a good back up and put a clean install of windslow on the hard drive.

    I do think I’ll look into the Mac. I’ve never really studied Mac pricing, but I’ll figure it out, pick a favorite, and then, just maybe, I’ll make the purchase. After all, it’s patriotic to spend it, right?