Monday morning stuff and such

If I thought about it, I could be pretty cranky this morning. The D. Dog (You may use your own D adjective. Choose “dear” if you are the sensitive type.) woke me up about 1:30 a.m. to go out, and I turned on the computer while he was doing his thing, and then had a little trouble shutting off the brain for a while after that, so I’m feeling a little sleep deprived.

1) I love, love, love the new TV from Aldi’s.

2) I’m tired of winter. But when I explained that I was “losing my sense of humor” about this season to the gentleman walking along side me on the way to the library yesterday, I received a detailed lecture about all of the reasons to be pleased, including: the days are getting longer, not much snow to clear last week, streets and sidewalks are less slick and easier to walk on. Sure put me in my place. 🙂

3) Just in case you don’t have anything on your Monday to-do list, a reader gave a link which finally revealed the 647 page HR 1 bill, more easily known as BO’s stimulus package, that can offer a little morning reading. I only made it to page 97 last night.

4) Did you see that witty interview Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker gave regarding the fire station bids? Of course you didn’t! The mayor’s MIA again. He did pull a $500 permit to have $13,800 in electrical work done on his get-rich-quick apartment units after the first of the year, though. According to the list of 42 violations still outstanding on his scheme, he was asked to:

25 Replace missing electric outlet cover plate
26 Replace missing cover plate on electrical switch
35 Provide an electric light fixture

Maybe there’s something else? Surely the man wouldn’t spend his own money as recklessly as he’d spend yours. Current Electric is doing the work, by the way.

5) School board meeting tomorrow night. As a teaser, the Superintendent’s salary is being set at $153,466, and there’s more discussion on non-resident enrollment.

Happy Monday!


  1. kathy holler-ryle says:

    We’re getting some of your weather here in OK, and I’m tired of it already! I’m used to going out when I want to and we’re not use to icey roads. frustrating!!

  2. Hey Aunt Kathy! I’d rather have snow or cold than the ice you all are getting. Yuck!