A/C recommended for PPMS

Right. Like that’s a surprise.

The memo prepared by Elmbrook facilities guru Dave Ross doesn’t say much about why, but does say $3.5 MILLION dollars will be needed to make it happen.

It’s not like the district needs to watch its budget or anything. Air conditioning a large middle school won’t cut into the budget at all, right?

Also at issue: precedence. Guess what will suddenly, unexpectedly, need to be replaced as soon as the district has another unbudgeted windfall?

Readers, help me out. Both high schools are to be air conditioned. Now PPMS. Is Wisconsin Hills a/c’d? Dixon and Brookfield El are; how about Swanson? Burleigh?

I’m pretty sure that Tonawanda and Hillside grade schools are not air conditioned. They are also in need of gymnasiums. (At least that is what one can surmise after Vince Kuttemperoor offered to sweeten the Swanson Swap deal a few years ago with gyms for these schools.) It’s another valid reason to consider closing the schools instead of pouring more money into them.


  1. Burleigh does not have A/C.

    PPMS does not need air conditioning since they let the children run wild outside the building unsupervised .
    A little fresh air won’t hurt anyone, would it?