The invasion of the Obama billboards

The talk shows are all a flutter (uhem, actually Vicki McKenna is all a flutter) over the Obama “Yes we can” billboards popping up in southeast Wisconsin. Poor Vicki should have had her producer do an internet search for a few words. Then she would have known these weren’t a Saddam-Hussein type invasion (yes, that’s what I’m told the host suggested) and instead a billboard company’s effort towards patriotism.

Clear Channel Outdoor has installed the president’s image with his popular slogan across those billboards that ARE NOT SOLD according to this report from WISN television.

Maybe Clear Channel Outdoor is having trouble connecting with businesses because they aren’t in tune to their market. But wait! There’s more. Go ahead and click on that first link above. Notice anything? That’s right. WISN radio where the lady does her stuff is owned by Clear Channel Communications, a sister company to Clear Channel Outdoor.

Could it be that Ms. McKenna was simply performing a little company whoop-ass on her listeners and stirring the pot to make a few sales?

I still hate talk radio. Obama may be right. Republicans WON’T get anything accomplished as long as the leadership is listening to Rush Limaugh. But then you know how I feel about that.


  1. Actually, WISN radio is owned by Clear Channel, but not WISN TV. The TV & Radio sides of WISN split several years ago.

  2. Just to clarify, my claim was that WISN radio where McKenna broadcasts and Clear Channel Outdoor are both owned by the same parent company. The detail about the TV side is worth noting, but not part of the original post.

  3. Max Jones says:

    Didn’t hear Vicki complaining about Clear Channel’s billboards promoting their station, WISN radio, which featured elephants over the last two elections.

  4. Keith Schmitz says:

    Nice post Cindy.

  5. “I still hate talk radio. Obama may be right. Republicans WON’T get anything accomplished as long as the leadership is listening to Rush Limbaugh.”

    BHO is objecting to anyone that won’t march in lockstep with him. Even when Bush was at the height of his popularity after 9/11 the libs were not shy to provide the loud opposition. Why is that a problem now? The point is that Rep leaders are NOT listening to RL they are really libs lite and afraid to cross BHO at this time. BHO’s message is not a plea for cooperation but a message that he wants to squash free speech using RL as the figurative enemy. We should all be afraid of this as Americans regardless if we agree with RL or not. What RL says is really irrelevant to the bigger picture of removing free speech and opposing ideas. Watch carefully, while the “fairness doctrine’ gets a lot of attention, BHO will be pushing for “local content” laws for media to accomplish his agenda.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    I agree with your prognosis and I do listen to Rush when I can. While Obama’s statement on Rush is not accurate as to it’s content it is the first brick in building a wall of support for the fairness doctrine, with Rush playing the part of Humpty Dumpty. Another aspect of Obama’s pre-calculated comment is to divide and conquer the base that supports the Republican Party. The party itself is presently doing a pretty good job of that.

  7. Nah. I don’t buy into the fearmongering re: the fairness doctrine.

    If they’re profitable, they’ll stay on the air.

  8. Tinkerbell says:

    Leap, I believe you hit the nail on the head.

    Randy, yes, I believe many in the Republican Party too readily divide themselves into chum shark bait, then wonder why there are few candidates emerging from among the ranks. All that is needed is a change in determination to 1) not be divided and conquered and then 2) to organize and take action.

    Unfortunately, one’s ideology is not always evident at first meeting or after casual conversation. Then there are cross-over issues. Perhaps a new party, a Conservative Party is needed. It’s name reveals it’s mission and it is very easy for people to tell if they are aligned with it’s ideology.

    Cindy, Companies might be convinced it’s in their best interests to withdraw their advertising support…! Soon “nothing” may be profitable except government enterprises.

  9. The Lorax says:

    So, basically, Tink, you’re learning what it’s like to be in the minorty?

  10. Tinkerbell says:

    Dear Lorax, in your recent question, do I sense the smoldering personal pain of having suffered disregard as a minority? Too long without the warmth and dignity of human empathy and understanding? A bit of joy at the thought someone else may suffer, thereby lightening your burden… as though there exists only so much suffering to go around and someone else may pick up your share?

    I have long been in the minority, understood this, and chose to stand by my beliefs anyway. Rather than learning now what it is like to be in the minority, I believe that I am now learning what it’s like to live under an oppressive socialist regime. So far, only the shadow has spread over us, but by that foreshadowing many recognize it. When it is upon us with it’s full weight, those who welcomed it (expecting personal gain) will realize that they are crushed by it as readily as those with different ideologies, who tried to free us all from it’s impact.

  11. Oh, Tink. When opression is upon us with it’s full weight, we’ll throw the bums out. Been there, done that; it’s a proud American tradition.

  12. Tinkerbell says:

    Kathryn, “American” tradition and voting people out of office would no longer apply if the situation develops to it’s fullest potential.

  13. That’s how I felt about W. He’s gone, and he took Darth Vader with him. In fact, he left graciously.

    Anyone else having trouble with Firefox spell checker since the last update, or have I managed to turn if off somehow?

  14. Cindy –

    You do have a point about profitability, conservative talk shows are on the air because they are profitable, not because the broadcasting company is conservative. But I think that government regulation trumps profitability.

    The government can reduce the overall profit of broadcasters by forcing unprofitable “entertainment”. This may force a reduction or elimination of more profitable programming. Much like forcing a certain wage or benefit causes business to eliminate positions.

    If the government forces certain points of view or the “BHO Socialist Puppet Hour” then the audience will turn off the station and seek alternate forms of entertainment like banging their heads against the wall.

    Conservative talk radio is really about the only remaining media, besides the internet, where any conservative message is distributed. Therefore, it is a target to the left. They are not as tolerant of others as they would like you to believe!

  15. @Kathryn – I’ve had odd Firefox things going on for a few weeks now, but spell check wasn’t one of them.

    @Leapin – they’ll never get around to it. You’re being fed a line to keep you anxious and listening.

  16. In response to your question, Tink, yes. It’s called schadenfreude. Sure did feel good to pass something without a single republican vote today.

  17. Illiterate in Richmond says:

    Which President have you ‘thrown out’ due to ‘oppression’ (hope you get that spell check thing fixed)?

  18. Randy in Richmond says:

    I agree with you on that no Republican votes, I was glad to see it too.