A surefire method to increase national revenue

Demand an IRS audit of politicians.


  1. People's Advocate says:

    Of course you heard the reason democrats don’t have a problem raising taxes is that they just don’t pay taxes

  2. The Lorax says:

    Nice try, People’s Tourniquet, but they all do it and we all know it.

  3. They all do. Really? Maybe it’s just Dem’s going into Obama’s cabinet, but the records looking a little iffy.

  4. You see Elmbrook’s schedule for NOT making up the cold days? Adding minutes here and there.

  5. Help me out Dave! Where’d you get your info? I can’t find it on the district Web site and I haven’t received a robo call.

  6. Well thanks Bdad for that link.

    It looks like a good plan to me. Although the youngest was looking forward to a yearbook signing day, I’ll be glad to see the year end.


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