In a perfect world

I wouldn’t be sitting at the Brookfield Public Library updating the blog. My hosting company would have done a little trouble shooting and I’d be in my favorite chair with my fuzzy slippers warming my feet.

Well, reality bites.

Still, there’s a lot to say in favor of our library and the offerings here. Signing in for a computer is as simple as having a library card. I was concerned that I’d be uncomfortable, but the set up is surprisingly ergonomic. I am having to use IE, so if there are typos that I don’t catch (or, egad!, genuine mistakes in spelling) I’ll just have to suffer.

I joked checking out some hold material earlier that I consider the library a bit of a tax rebate. This place saves me thousands a year in books that I don’t have to buy or entertainment that I can check out. (Going home with me today are The Lost Prince and The Other Boleyn Girl.)

But then, in a perfect world, the library’s internet connection would not have locked up a few moments ago and caused me to lose half my work. 🙁

Guess I better head to the grocery store. I wonder what surprise I’ll have there?


  1. Unrelated, PPMS will start 5 minutes early, take away 3 minutes of lunch, and add 1 minute to the school day. Also, those precious early releases, so staff could ‘develop’, are now full school days.

    Elementary is also adding time, no details on the high school.


  2. Wow. Different set ups for different schools? That’s odd.

    Guess I’ll check with CAO and see if they have it all in one place.