President Obama’s approval sinking

He’s lost much of his pre-inaugural glow.

Rasmussen shows a 15 point slip since his post-swearing in high of +30.

Gallup shows Americans disagree with Obama’s decision to close Guantanamo Bay and also to fund family planning overseas where a clinic also provides abortions.


  1. Losing a little GLOW compared to:

    Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker said today the announced state takeover of county public assistance programs had the scent of politics to it.

    Doesn’t that old saying claim that the first one to smell it, can claim ownership of the stink.

  2. Right. The state is sooo concerned that they will install STATE managers while keeping the same COUNTY employees. It’s a power play for appearance, not real change.

    You can thank the Democrats in Madison for that one.

  3. “Disingenuous” Jimmy Doyle and his lackeys will do anything to discredit Scott Walker because he there is a good chance that they may be running against each other. Just a political ploy.

  4. My understanding is that Walker, “managed,” to do absolutely nothing described in his job title responsibilities, opted to attempt privatization and committed premeditated under-staffing to throttle any possibility of employee effectiveness.

    On Obama losing his glow, at least he had something huge to start with and a bit to lose. I never saw even a twinge of light in the “nothing left to lose,” sucking black hole of the last administration.

    I will thank the Democrats in Madison, as they appear to be acting like rational adults and moving to fix a standing problem in the state
    in less than a month of being in power, after what, a 14 year GOP controlled debacle?

  5. Doyle is participating in a public smackdown so Walker won’t be an issue come re-election.

    Good grief, take your blinders off, man!