I was very brave today

Ok, not really. But it sounded good for a title. What did I do? I unsubscribed to BNN’s RSS feed.

(It’s blogger geek talk folks, read accordingly.)

I have a deal for you fellow bloggers. On my honor, I will update my blogroll if you let me know you want on here. In addition, by the end of the weekend I’ll try to sit down and subscribe individually to your RSS feeds, thereby eliminating the need for a middle man.

Many of you know I have a certain dislike of aggregating sites that scrape my content in order to line their own wallets. But the one little addiction I’d not admitted until now was the convenience of feed all in one spot.

I’m going cold turkey. There will Be No Nonsense in my feed reader from here on out.

Let me know.


  1. Psst. No one is making any money. 😛 Well, at least not at the moment.

  2. No net profit, maybe, but I’d venture a guess there’s a little cash flow in.

  3. Well, I know I don’t get paid. LOL Then again, I don’t get paid for sitting in front of my computer for hours on end, either. I do know there is a lot involved with the programing and such, and it’s time consuming.

  4. OK, new guy has to ask.

    You don’t like BNN’s feed because people read your content there and don’t visit your blog, right?

    Is this somehow different than me adding your blog to my google reader?

    Also, you still include your feed in BNN, so does it have any value for increasing visits/readership?


  5. Yes, some people will look there instead of heading directly to the site, but now mostly people read me because they wonder if I’ve hacked them off yet today.

    When you ad me to your reader, I get credit in the rankings as having another feed. Otherwise, BNN gets the credit. Also, he runs ads on our stuff on the RSS. Icky!

    I don’t have a choice as to whether or not BNN takes my feed. He calls it his right no matter what I ask.

    PS – don’t trust the rankings. 🙂 And thanks for commenting, I meant to ad you! I like your thoughtful take on things.

  6. If I ask to be put on, will I get another entry? 🙂

    You can make money doing this?

    Don’t trust the rankings?

    Learned a lot in this post. 😉

  7. I could ad you again as “Dean the Wonder Blogger.” Would that do?