The post-college job market

Cranky Cindy reporting for duty.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a big piece on one individual, a Madison grad student, having his work offer rescinded. The student is in the United States on an education visa from our government.

While the article goes on to quote college officials from Madison and Marquette, no other student in this situation is interviewed.

I think it undercuts the story tremendously to use a non-native Wisconsonite as an example. You know me, I even e-mailed that concern to the reporter.

Sooner or later, America, we’re going to need to articulate our priorities. If we educate foreigners here, are we obligated to keep them until we employ them?


  1. No, we’re not obligated to keep them until they are hired. People go home all the time, and visas do eventually expire whether you finish the degree or not.

    As long as we have the premier university system in the world, and the world sends its best and brightest to us, why wouldn’t we want to keep some? Other countries are sending us some of their best DOCTORS and ENGINEERS; sign ’em up!