Time to knock off for the weekend

I am in the happiest of places. My travel packet arrived today for my Tuscany trip next September. I also effortlessly booked travel with miles from my mother and me to head to Charleston/Savannah in March for her birthday. Effortlessly rarely happens, especially with flying from two different cities! I’m really tickled.

The youngest is competing at the State Pom Pon competition in LaCrosse tomorrow. Brookfield East really upped the performance this year and has the results from regional competition last Saturday to show for it. Their standard Pom routine was 6th and gave them a chance to take it to state, and their Jazz routine came in 3rd and will also compete tomorrow.

This is one tough sport. The only month off is coming up in April and I can’t wait. I’m just the mom! Imagine how the girls must feel.

There’s still a little nail biting on a porkulus resolution from the Senate. I tend to think the longer it goes without a vote the better. Do something shouldn’t translate into do the wrong thing. As Mom would say, the sun will come up tomorrow, with or without hundreds in millions for free condoms.

Tomorrow night is an outing to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra for Rachmaninoff, Bernstein, Gershwin, and Ellington. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks!

Hope you have a great weekend, too.


  1. I saw the daily updates after Obama was elected on the stock market on this blog. I do NOT blame Bush for the economic down turn.

    But lets be fair and look long term, I will re-post this every 12 months: Obama took over the Presidency and the stock market was at about 8,000 even. It did go up almost 3% today but saw nothing on this blog.

    Lets look 1 year from now, 8,000 to ? If its the same or down, rip on Obama, but if it is up over 9K, then there should be some positive talk.

    As a democrat I do agree the stimulus package is a joke.

    Later, lets look long term.


  2. Dave, I acknowledged the market was up 150 points this morning in this post.

    I used 3% here: Today’s rumor of such a suspension has the DOW up nearly 3% at this writing.

    I’m trying, man. But I’m not ready to give Obama credit for anything yet!

  3. Sorry Cindy. Your trip to Tuscany will have to wait until you return from re-education camp.

    See you there. 😉

  4. Maybe I can slip out unmonitored?

    Also, I’m sad to say “effortlessly” on the tickets to S.C. had consequences. When I received the confirmation, the agent had booked us to Charlotte, not Charleston!

    I get to start over this morning. Wah!

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Hey Deekman, can’t we give her credit for going to one of the historical homes of work camps where ‘black shirts’ were the vogue?