Write on! for Friday, February 6

You can use this one all week.

Randy in Richmond started it all with this:

Talking about school systems ain’t it grand that the Milwaukee school system will be getting $88.6 million from the Stimulus for new school construction even though there are 15 vacant schools in the system. What appalls me is that those of you in that area are presently allowing the students in Milwaukee to attend schools that still contain asbestos. This is according to school spokesperson Rachel Racusen. Can this be true?


Welcome to Wisconsin, Randy.


  1. Speaking of school – gotta head out to my Cell and Tissue Biology exam… wish me luck!

  2. Randy – lots of schools in Wisconsin have asbestos, but it’s quarantined. Most asbestos isn’t a problem until you try to change things, move pipes, replace tile, etc.

  3. Dan, good luck, but I’ll also presume you studied a little…

  4. Eh, just a little. Its the last test of the week so everything sort of got crammed into a days worth of studying. We’ll see what happens.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Bill Clinton…………” it depends on your definition of is ”

    George H W Bush…… ” Read my lips ”

    George W Bush………. ” Mission Accomplished ”

    Ronald Reagan……….” Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev’

    Gerald Ford…………” our long national nightmare is over ”

    Jimmy Carter………. ” ”

    Richard Nixon…….. ” I am not a crook ”

    John Kennedy…….. ” think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country ”

    Barack Obama……… ” I won “

  6. Carter is my favorite. 🙂 The spouse and I were laughing about him earlier tonight.

    Good work, Randy.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    Sen Judd Gregg has been nominated and has accepted the job to be Commissioner of the National Football League. A few days in he was told by the owners, by the way we are going to run that Super Bowl Thing. But we’re glad to have you on board.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m sorry. When writing my last post, # 7, I glanced at the Sports Page instead of the News and things got confused. It should have read:

    “Sen Judd Gregg has been nominated and has accepted the job to be Commerce Secretary in the Obama administration. A few days in he was told by President Obama, by the way, we are going to run that Census thing from here in the White House. But we’re glad to have you on board.”

  9. Tinkerbell says:

    Census! Yes, that is coming up in 2010. Every ten years…

    I believe Obama will do anything to make the figures LOOK good. Even create a bunch of short-term “contract” jobs rather than investing in small business, long-term sustainable growth of the economy. One politician has called the stimulus package a temporary “sugar high” which will leave our economy even weaker when the sugar buzz inevitably wears off.

  10. 15 MPS schools closed, 2600 (up to 5000 per other sources) attending suburban schools at a cost of 60 MILLION DOLLARS a year!!!

    And this is used by Elmbrook to address the $10 million shortfall. How much of the millions in revenue are going to protect our resident students?

    I have heard that the 3rd perpetrator who beat the 13 year old girl at PPMS is now in juvy jail. At least the judicial system made an attempt to enforce the laws by finding all 3 boys guilty and delinquent. The Elmbrook Schools – NADA.

    Getting rid of 220 would save our state taxpayors $30 million a year. Our laws cannot protect our children and unfortunately the acts of a few 220 students and the negligence of districts like Elmbrook give us little choice to review whether 220 is worth the 10’s of millions of dollars and the safety of our children.

    Here are some of the facts and discussion:


  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    I need you in Wisconsin to help me out. Does the First and Second Amendment not count there and does it only apply to certain professions?
    Read this.


    And apparently school districts have much more power in your state than here in Virginia. While enjoying this site since last summer I have learned that in your state you prefer a more ‘in your face’ government and that is your prerogative, but this action is political correctness gone amuck. Here’s one of the things we do in Virginia that involves the students and teachers.