Good morning! It’s Monday again…

FYI, I had the fun of watching my uncle perform on the Grammys last night. Not many girls get to say that. This morning I stood in line with a couple of dozen Carroll University students to pick up Death Cab for Cutie/Ra Ra Riot/Cold War Kids tickets for the youngest. The show should be amazing in such a small venue.

Alas, the reality is I will spend the rest of the day catching up on the laundry I’ve ignored.

The weekend had some highlights. Brookfield East Spartanettes scored 9th in the state for their Poms routine and 9th for Jazz. It was a great showing! Also, the symphony Saturday night was amazing. Rhapsody in Blue live is really a wonderful experience.

What’s on your mind? We still (snicker, snicker) don’t have that porkulus bill that’s been promised for oh-so long. I’d like to think the House/Senate talks won’t go well and we can do away with it all together.

Things I’d like to get to today: Is Barack Obama overexposed? And we’re do for another installment of what I think would make a good stimulus package.



  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m going out on a limb and predict the 50 billion dollar figure being used for the Bernie Madoff Ponzie scheme is extremely inflated. Yes, I know there are foundations and large funding institutions who have been hard hit as well as the individual investers. And my intent is not to diminish the pain this man has brought to many.
    But to put into perspective how much money this really is: if every man, woman, and child in LaCrosse, WI were given 1 million dollars ($1,000,000) each the total required to accomplish this would be approximately 50 billion dollars. Those of you who live in Brookfield would each get about $1.25 million ($1,250,000) each. Cindy, your at-home family would receive 3.75 million dollars.
    Another point I am not sure about is if the $50 billion figure includes paper loses based on highs and lows rather than funds actually invested.
    Time will tell.