Have you dreamed of having sex with the President lately?

Um, me neither. But according to this opinion piece by Judith Warner in the New York Times, there are women out there who are. (Sorry guys, no word on the Michelle fantasies. And we won’t go to that other option.)

Warner writes:

Many women — not too surprisingly — were dreaming about sex with the president. In these dreams, the women replaced Michelle with greater or lesser guilt or, in the case of a 62-year-old woman in North Florida, whose dream was reported to me by her daughter, found a fully above-board solution: “Michelle had divorced Barack because he had become ‘too much of a star.’ He then married my mother, who was oh so proud to be the first lady,” the daughter wrote me.

There was some daydreaming too, much of it a collective fantasy about the still-hot Obama marriage. “Barack and Michelle Obama look like they have sex. They look like they like having sex,” a Los Angeles woman wrote to me, summing up the comments of many. “Often. With each other. These days when the sexless marriage is such a big celebrity in America (and when first couples are icons of rigid propriety), that’s one interesting mental drama.”

Reading this article made something click for me. I beginning to think Obama won because he managed a faux personal connection by making millions of Americans feel miserable and inadequate. They had no choice but to vote for such a mesmerizing personality who could make all of their troubles disappear – if only in daydreams.


  1. ACK! Now I’m going to have nightmares!

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    My sentiments exactly. I went to Kate’s site and with her permission here is a site you can visit to check out your slice of the pie:


    As Eric Cantor is my House Representative we are getting zero.

  3. Judith Warner covers the gamet from profound to ridiculous, sometimes all in the same post. It’s a blog, by the way, not an editorial page feature.

  4. Tinkerbell says:

    Basically he is screwing all of us.

  5. Randy4sam says:

    Quite defensive, aren’t we Kathryn. Cindy calls it an ‘opinion piece’ and an ‘article’. Who said it was on the editorial page?

  6. It’s true. I like the New York Times.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    You removed it? Did you pick it up with your vacuum? And I had such a neat reply.

  8. Yes, I removed it. Nasty stuff that was.

  9. Don Quixote says:

    “I beginning to think…”
    I think its time to work on our grammar skills.
    Want to come over sometime? You can work on writing, and I can work on my reading comprehension.

  10. Don Quixote says: